Geothermal Textures

One of the most intriguingly fascinating experiences of my life happened during my trip to the Yellowstone National Park. This National Park is a natural wonder that has a lot to offer- a live, visual Geography class and a natural Chemistry lab experience! These pictures are a proof of few of the phenomenons I’ve never seen or experienced!

These photographs were captured at the Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone. The terrace formation was a result of hot water springs cooling down and depositing calcium carbonate from thousands of years. The formations which are an outcome of a geothermal phenomenon have resulted in these unique and intriguing natural textures. A closer look at the texture resembles deposits of limestone.

Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs


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Doodling Series- #1 Look Out the Window

I’m excited to share that I’ll be starting this new series on the blog called the Doodling Series. Art and doodles are like my long lost companions. Though writing is something I’ve been doing for the past few years, art has always been my first love. After ignoring my love for doodling and painting for over two decades, I finally decided to get back and try my hand at them. My recent posts on zentangle were the outcomes of this effort. Now with the doodling series, I intent to attain the motivation to draw, sketch or doodle. Though these doodles won’t be flawless, my intention is to observe the improvement or betterment as I move forward with the series. 

I shall continue to write, but posting a doodle once in a while on the blog wouldn’t cause harm I feel 🙂

Look out the window

Growing up has lesser perks to life than we expect as a child. As a kid, we crave to grow up faster to escape the hasles of NOT being an adult. But only when we get to adulthood do we realize how ignorant we really were as a kid! Life and its experiences teach us many things, but at the same time, we tend to lose some of the most valuable sensibilities we had as a child. Few among them are the wonder, curiosity and the ability to wish and dream. 

Did you ever notice how a child looks out the window? What do they think when they see the stars? They wonder, ask questions or try to cook up stories about flying and landing amid the moon and the stars. They imagine, dream and wish for things to come true, without any doubts or fears of not being fulfilled. Now when was the last time you tried to look out the window? Even if you did, it would’ve been a stare. A stare with everything other than cherishing the stars, running inside your head. Your worries, your issues, your to-do lists or your regrets of the past.  Everything apart from dreaming and imagining the good rotates inside our minds. Why has it become so hard to ‘look’ and cherish? Why are we always running behind what’s bothering us, instead of what makes us happy? Why do we talk about our past or issues rather than our wishes or dreams? 

Little changes to our mindsets can make a whole lot of difference to the way we look at things. Dreaming and wishing without thinking about the possibilities or assesing the outcomes may sound impractical. But having the belief of your dreams being fulfilled irrespective of practicality is what is the need of the hour. That trust and positive energy we had as a kid is what we require as an adult. 

Bring back that child in you and look out the window. Not to stare at your problems, but to look beyond them and cherish the stars!

Historical Heritage

The moment I saw the word Heritage, I had two pictures in my mind. While the first one is synonymous with my childhood, the second one was a dream destination I considered as a child. So, I have two entries for this week’s photo challenge.

I left Mumbai when it was Bombay with beyond wonderful childhood memories. As years passed, my memory of Bombay was restricted to my personal experiences and very few places and monuments that I remembered as a kid. The foremost one was the Gateway of India and the next was the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. These two monuments indeed emanate Heritage, given their historical significance. These photographs were taken during my last visit to Mumbai after 20 long years! As I stood admiring the Heritage of Mumbai, my vague memory was brought back to life and I cherished every moment of it!

Gateway of India and Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

My second entry for this week’s photo challenge is this phenomenal lady with the lamp. The very thought of USA always popped up one image in my mind all my life- The Statue of Liberty. This National monument of the States is an epitome of great historical importance and heritage. This photograph was taken during my visit to the Statue of Liberty Monument on Liberty Island, New York.

Statue of Liberty, New York


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#AtoZChallenge 2017- Reflections

survivor-atoz [2017] v1

This was my second attempt with AtoZ Challenge. My first stint was last year as a newbie. Though I knew what to expect this year, I wasn’t sure if I would be surviving  as I had a lot going on. But nevertheless, I tried. I wanted to try rather than giving up right from the beginning. As always, the challenge has helped in many ways both in writing and also about learning a bit more about myself.

My first AtoZ in 2016 was full of excitement and I miraculously survived by posting meaningful content and the best part- I was right on schedule! But this year was different. I remember the pressure and freaking out I did last year to post everyday before the clock strikes 12 in the midnight. Since I was a newbie, I was all stressed out. I had this in mind and wanted to take up the challenge this year without feeling stressed. I made up my mind that is okay to not be on schedule and I wrote only when I could.

I did not have a theme this year as well and chose to write on random topics. But this time, I had decided well ahead on the titles for most alphabets. I also made my posts a bit shorter for most of them. This made it easier for me to write as I already had an idea of what my thoughts should revolve around. Though I completed the challenge a bit late, I’m glad I did not stress out and somehow made an effort to complete it. The only thing I regret is not having enough time to network and comment on fellow participants of AtoZ-2017. The organizers have made some changes this year and their effort in organizing this challenge has been wonderful as always. I’m very thankful to each and everyone who followed and enjoyed reading my offering. A big congratulations to all the survivors!! 🙂

Here is the list of posts during this year’s AtoZ Challenge-2017:

A- Appearance

B- Bondage

C- Change

D- Deeds

E- Extraordinary

F- Fondness for Fakeness

G- Genuineness

H- Heliophilia

I- Introspection

J- Juxtaposition

K- Kiss

L- Lost

M- Multitasking

N- Nebraska Nice

O- Opportunist

P- People Pleaser

Q- Queen

R- Rehab 2020

S- Subconscious Mind

T- Teetotaler’s Tale

U- Uber

V- Visualization 

W- Weather Way

X- Xanthophobia

Y- Yours Truly

Z- Zentangle

#AtoZChallenge- Zentangle

Zentangle is my new found love. It is an art form where repeated patterns are drawn in a structured manner. This art is a great way to relax, rejuvenate and focus. I consider this highly therapeutic and have been trying my hand a lot on it lately. Zentangle helps me regain my long lost focus.

Here are two ‘inspired’ Zentangle versions of Disney princesses.

Say Hello to Zentangled Elsa from Frozen! I used Sharpie pointed marker to do this.

Elsa- Frozen
Here is Jasmine from Aladin in my zentangled version. I used Micron pointed tip pens for this to make subtle details pop.

JasmineI plan to do more in the Disney series and will keep posting as I do. Here is my other post on Zentangle art- Pattern Art

#AtoZChallenge- Yours Truly

An open letter to my 20 year old self:

Dear 20 year old self,

First of all, congratulations for making it this far! This 20 year old journey of yours has been remarkable. You’ve worked hard enough to reach your academic goals. I know that you are currently working towards your next one on the checklist-a good job. Well great! I highly appreciate your zeal and seriousness in life in this aspect. Though I appreciate your clear vision on what to do next, I also noticed your attitude of trying to get done with crucial things and then anticipate time for enjoyment or relaxation. It’s good to take seriousness in working towards something, but waiting for the end of it and then think about what really fascinates you is mere foolishness! I know I sound rude, but the fact is there will never be time for you to try or do anything your passionate about. I know you never studied just for the heck of it, I know you enjoyed your educational journey thus far. But my dear, life isn’t always about clearing exams or accomplishing goals with the view of seeing the light at the end of tunnel. 

The best time is NOW. You don’t have to wait to be happy only after attaining a job. Failing at an interview shouldn’t be a hindrance to your joy. Thinking about what others think about you is definitely none of your business! I know how much you hate failure, but remember this- irrespective of how hard you work, you WILL fail in the future. It may be your career, your relationship or health. Sometimes, nothing will go on as you expect, nothing will favor you. Knowing that failure is a part of life should make you take it easier. But the biggest and the greatest knack of survival in this world is to just know one thing- Have faith. Blind faith, no matter what happens. After all, failures teach the best lessons!

 I know that you feel as if you are at the crux of your life. You feel that your decisions now might be the final ones and the consequences are all dependent on this crucial phase of now. But trust me, you will be feeling this way throughout your life. Every year will feel like a crucial one. So take it easy and let go off things, people or situations that don’t matter. Last but not the least, DO NOT ever take anything for granted, because you may not have all this in the future. Even if you have much more than now, never forget this! Keep this in mind, ALWAYS have faith and you’ll be much better than you’ve ever been!

– Yours truly,

   Your wiser, saner self