#AtoZChallenge- Felicitous Food

Daniel rushed out of his apartment, while tying his shoe lace. He was in a hurry to make it to the bus stop on time. But as usual, by the time he reached the stop, he watched the bus pass away helplessly. Curses of not being a morning person he thought. Though it was noon, Daniel wasn’t awake since long that day. His late night assignments and project work with school keep him busy during the nights. He craves for those extra hours of sleep during the weekends, but his part time job on Saturdays won’t let him.

The midday sun was beaming with scorching heat. Daniel had no other way but walk for 20 minutes sweating in the sun, so he could make it to work on time. He worked as a part time student worker at the Department of Public Administration, where he helped with mailing public research survey booklets and some data entry.

After tanning himself for quite a while, he made it to his work place. Puffing and panting, drained in sweat, the walk made him extremely tired and hungry. His daily routine of waking up late and skipping breakfast did no good to him. As he entered his department and walked towards his room, he noticed the conference hall to be packed with people dressed in professional attires. Though it was highly unlikely for the building to be busy or even witness people around on the weekends, that day was an exception. He paused for a moment to understand what the hustle was all about and realized it was a National Level Conference with people from different parts of the country. As he kept watching people swarm through the conference hall, he could not help but notice the continuous chain of never ending tables laid with buffet chafing dishes.

Since it was almost lunch time, the dishes were open and he got a good glance of the items being served as the dishes had names written in big bold letters. Soups, Sauteed vegetables, different kinds of breads, salads, pasta, all kinds of sea food and meats, fruits, desserts. All so appealing and appetizing he thought as they made his mouth water. Unfortunately, he did not have the whole day for himself to drool over the food he was watching as he was late for work already! With a heavy heart, he bid good bye to his visionary feast and wished with a full heart and an empty stomach, “I wish I ate such a scrumptious and grand meal with never ending options!”

He got to his desk and began his work of putting together research survey booklets. His mind was preoccupied with the marvelous sight of the rich, vibrant buffet. That very thought tripled his hunger and made him crave for food much more. He tried hard to brush off this discomfort form hunger by involving more at work.

It was 2 p.m and Daniel was still working with an empty stomach. The cafeteria at school was closed on the weekends and all he could eat was from a vending machine if he wanted. Neither did he want to eat a thing from the machine, nor could he bear the noises his tummy made.  Half hour passed and Daniel was busy stuffing survey booklets into the envelopes. As he pasted the address labels on one of the envelopes, he heard a shrill voice of a lady by the door of his room:

Excuse me! Hi, I’m one of the organizers from the conference down the hall. We have a lot of food from the buffet and we are inviting all the organizers and people working in this building to join us for late lunch or a snack! Please come and help yourself!”, she requested with a warm smile.

Daniel was elated! He was extremely glad as he hardly knew his wish of having a scrumptious meal would come true so soon, so appropriately, just when he was starving!!

Oh sure, I’ll join you! Thank you so much, that’s very kind!”, Daniel replied with a glee on his face, though he made sure he wasn’t obvious that he was craving for food.

Daniel enjoyed the wide varieties of the buffet spread and was thankful for not only satisfying his dream of a grand meal but also to satisfy his hunger at the exact need of hour! “Sometimes, empty stomachs teach greater life lessons!”, he thought enjoying his grateful meal.

Law of Attraction Takeaway–  No manifestation is small. No wish is minor. The universe works wonders starting from little things. Having help at the time of need, being offered food when you’re starving are also a result of law of attraction. Looking back on such instances in your life and feeling grateful, not only makes you happy but also inculcates the necessary trust in the law of attraction!

Start with manifesting little things. Acknowledging the most minute of instances imbibes the trust that law of attraction is real 


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