#AtoZChallenge- K-Pop Keenness

What the hell are you listening to?!”, yelled Shreya’s roommate on hearing some unfamiliar music, as she entered the apartment. Shreya was busy cutting the vegetables while happily enjoying her new found tunes. “It’s K-Pop!”, she uttered. “Korean?!”, her room mate sighed and walked away. Shreya has been listening to K-Pop for quite a while and was going absolutely crazy about the whole K-Pop world and culture!

Shreya’s madness for K-Pop only ascended with time. Her friends found her choice of music weird and tried persuading her to get out of the mania. Shreya was least bothered about being judged for her music choice. But she did feel bad when her friends tried to belittle the kind of music without actually getting to know it! She found immense happiness in listening to K-Pop and developed intense admiration for the singing bands and their ideologies.

Within few months, her whole world revolved around K-Pop! Her room was filled with posters of her favorite groups, social media feed was filled with quotes and memes on Korean Pop and she became friends with other K-Pop fans around the world. Her never ending craziness for K-Pop made her paint the names and symbols of her favorite boys band on the walls with glow in dark paints, so that she could see them in the dark even before sleeping. That was her level of dedication for K-Pop and no wonder did she wish to attend their concerts live some day!

With limited fan base in India, not often did K-Pop concerts actually materialize to take place in the country. Even if they did, it wasn’t the famous boys bands performing, but some relatively new groups. Though it wasn’t her favorite band, Shreya made sure to attend the concert just to experience the slightest of K-Pop as much as possible. However, her cravings to attend the concerts of her favorite band, only kept multiplying with time.

Years later, Shreya who was a budding dentist, moved to Canada for her masters program. Within few months of her settling in and getting accustomed to the new country, she comes across an opportunity she has been waiting for years! A K-Pop concert of one of the famous groups in her city! Though Shreya was super excited about the opportunity of going to the concert she was desperately hoping for, she was apprehensive on spending $150 for a concert, being a student on a foreign land. After constant dilemma for days, Shreya finally decided to purchase a ticket for the concert that was available on the Facebook group of K-Pop fans. But unfortunately, it was too late and the ticket was sold out. That was the moment she realized how badly she wanted to go to the concert.

She was disturbed. She could not concentrate at work. But rather than brooding over the lost ticket and nourishing over her disappointment, she wanted to try her luck to get to the concert until the very last minute! Shreya constantly kept checking her Facebook hoping someone would post regarding the sale of another ticket. After hours of peeping into her phone at work, a girl from USA finally posted a ticket. Shreya immediately grabbed the opportunity to reach out to her at the earliest to confirm her purchase. Since the seller was from another country, Shreya had a hard time coordinating the timings between them. As determined as she was, Shreya made sure to get hold of the seller by the end of day, stayed up all night to transfer the payment through PayPal and got the name on the ticket changed to hers. Finally after hours of jitters, Shreya was exhilarated! She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her final ticket confirmation email. She was going to attend her favorite K-Pop live concert!!

The day of the concert arrived and it was everything Shreya had ever imagined! She just loved watching her favorite K-Pop boys band live on stage and completely indulged herself in the experience! The icing on the cake was when Shreya along with few other ardent fans like her were invited on stage to click pictures with the band! She couldn’t control the tears of joy rolling down her cheeks during her time on stage. While attending the live concert was her dream come true, taking pictures with the K-Pop stars just kept her heart rate racing! Shreya’s first real and live experience will remain special for the rest of her life.

After returning from the experience of turning her dream into reality, “If I can be THIS happy, I would never regret or think twice about spending on K-Pop concerts!”, she realized.

Law of Attraction Takeaway– The universe helps achieve all your desires, provided you send out the right vibrations and signals into the universe! When you encounter a step of disappointment in the way of manifesting your desire, do not focus on the disappointment. Instead change your pattern of thoughts to focus on your desire, thus sending out the right vibrations.

Do not stimulate your disappointments that come in the way of your desire. Instead focus on changing your thoughts and your desire will eventually materialize!

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