Serene Silence

Sylvan Lake, South Dakota

This magnificent view was at Sylvan Lake during my visit to South Dakota. Like many other places of interest that South Dakota has to offer, Sylvan lake is one of them. This lake is a hidden gem amidst the towering Black Hills.

This spectacular lake with a view makes you feel relieved and rejuvenated with nothing but tranquility induced by chirping birds and mild breeze. A quick hike around the lake was as beautiful as it looked and sounded!

This place reminded me of the fact that there is beauty in stillness. Though silence may often be associated to negativity which depicts lack of communication or connection, there is beauty to it. Amidst all the chaos we live in along with constant chatters of the mind, taking a moment to cease, to be calm, devoid of stress, ‘to-do’ lists and connections is very much the need of the hour in today’s world. I enjoy tranquility and solitude more than many things in my life and it brings me immense joy and peace. Taking a moment off from your busy lives, just to be calm, to feel the silence and the beauty it offers can do wonders if practiced daily. Trying to disconnect from the world to feel and cherish the stillness of the present is a great way to tame our wandering minds.

This image is my go-to picture that reminds me of the beauty in serene silence and how much I need it!

Weekly Photo ChallengeSilence

Geothermal Textures

One of the most intriguingly fascinating experiences of my life happened during my trip to the Yellowstone National Park. This National Park is a natural wonder that has a lot to offer- a live, visual Geography class and a natural Chemistry lab experience! These pictures are a proof of few of the phenomenons I’ve never seen  or  experienced!

These photographs were captured at the Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone. The terrace formation was a result of hot water springs cooling down and depositing calcium carbonate from thousands of years. The formations which are an outcome of a geothermal phenomenon have resulted in these unique and intriguing natural textures. A closer look at the texture resembles deposits of limestone.

Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs


Weekly Photo ChallengeTextures

Historical Heritage

The moment I saw the word Heritage, I had two pictures in my mind. While the first one is synonymous with my childhood, the second one was a dream destination I considered as a child. So, I have two entries for this week’s photo challenge.

I left Mumbai when it was Bombay with beyond wonderful childhood memories. As years passed, my memory of Bombay was restricted to my personal experiences and very few places and monuments that I remembered as a kid. The foremost one was the Gateway of India and the next was the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. These two monuments indeed emanate Heritage, given their historical significance. These photographs were taken during my last visit to Mumbai after 20 long years! As I stood admiring the Heritage of Mumbai, my vague memory was brought back to life and I cherished every moment of it!

Gateway of India and Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

My second entry for this week’s photo challenge is this phenomenal lady with the lamp. The very thought of USA always popped up one image in my mind all my life- The Statue of Liberty. This National monument of the States is an epitome of great historical importance and heritage. This photograph was taken during my visit to the Statue of Liberty Monument on Liberty Island, New York.

Statue of Liberty, New York


Weekly Photo Challenge– Heritage

Atop the Big Apple

New York– A name that gives me goosebumps ever since I was a kid. Visiting New York city was part of my big American dream and I was fortunate to be able to fulfill this within a year of my stay in the U.S. My joy knew no bounds as Manhattan was very much like I’ve been imagining it over the years. The hype wasn’t fake, nor was the vibe. With a limited time of less than a day, which is definitely not enough to relish and roam around in this big city, I could only visit a few tourist destinations. The next time I get to visit New York, I hope and wish to fulfill my desire of gaining a full fledged experience of this fascinating city!

The Empire State Building was one among the few places I got to visit. This world wonder gave a beautiful glimpse of the cityscape, with quite a different view of the city and the buildings. It was amazing how being on top of this skyscraper threw a totally different perspective of the ‘Big Apple’ and the night view couldn’t get any better!

Here are few pictures of a gleaming New York city adorned by a beautiful sunset, taken from the Empire State Building observatory.

Brooklyn Bridge
Sparkling Skyscrapers
Scintillating Cityscape


Weekly Photo ChallengeAtop

The Road Taken to Awesomeness

During the trip to Las Vegas, we planned to visit all the nearby tourist destinations. This included ‘the must’ visit to Hoover Dam. Hoover Dam wasn’t something I was really excited about, but wanted to visit for the sake of striking it off from my checklist. The road to the dam from Vegas had few viewpoints on the way. But we had to skip these to reach the dam before sunset. After our quick stop over at the dam, we headed back to Vegas. As we did not spend much time at Hoover Dam, we took the road to Lake Mead viewpoint on our return journey.

To my surprise, this view turned out to be one of the most breathtakingly beautiful views I’ve seen lately! I was totally awestruck and couldn’t stop admiring the beautiful scenery that included shades of blue with patches of brown and white. Blue is something that catches my eye the most and kind of gives me high! 🙂 Simply amazing!  The chilly wind of December could not intervene my admiration for this wonder!

The road taken has definitely led me to one of my most memorable views! Hope the photographs do justice to some extent! 🙂

Lake Mead Viewpoint, Nevada
Lake Mead Viewpoint, Nevada
Lake Mead Viewpoint, Nevada


Weekly Photo ChallengeThe Road Taken

Against the Odds: Abraham Lincoln


Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other

                                   Abraham Lincoln

With President’s Day just around the corner, I couldn’t think of a better image for this week’s photo challenge.

This great man is a clear embodiment of the phrase ‘Against the Odds’. His life story depicts the strength and perseverance one needs at the time of despair. He showed the world that encountering failure after failure is never the end. From being the most celebrated president of the United States to being the source of inspiration for centuries, he had accomplished the unattainable against all odds.

This tribute to the 16th president of the United States was captured at the National Mall of Washington D.C.


Weekly Photo ChallengeAgainst the Odds

Serenity in Solitude

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Personally, I love solitude. Solitude to me does not signify loneliness or emptiness. It is a state of mind devoid of clutter that helps rediscover yourself. Living amidst the hustle bustle of city life only makes us seek moments of solitude more often. It doesn’t require taking a vacation far off. Solitude can be achieved anywhere, as long as you cut off the virtual connections on your phone for a moment!

This picture is my personal favorite from my visit to South Dakota. It was captured at Castle Trail in Badlands National Park. It depicts the pleasure of enjoying solitude.


Weekly Photo ChallengeSolitude

Graceful Beauty

Custer State Park, South Dakota

I couldn’t think of a better epitome for graceful! Found this graceful horse in one of the ranches at Custer State Park in South Dakota. I was lucky to have this beauty pose for me with grace on a cloudy afternoon. This palomino colored horse is in sync with the backdrop and the dark mane only adds to its elegance!


Weekly Photo Challenge-  Graceful

Glossy Ambience

Las Vegas is famous not only for its casinos, entertainment and vibrant nightlife, but also for its distinct, sophisticated, European inspired architectures.

These photographs are an outcome of my recent visit to this most happening city during the holiday season. The glossy ambience of every place was unique and enthralling. No matter how cold or how low you feel, these ambiences are sure to lift up your spirits and make you feel alive!

Fremont Street Experience happens to be one of the famous attractions in Las Vegas with sparkling and stimulating light shows!

Fremont Street, Las Vegas

The architecture and ambience at St. Marks’s Square, The Venetian makes every effort to make you feel like you are in Venice!

St.Marks Square- The Venetian, Las Vegas

Fiori Di Como are the floral glass sculptures in the lobby of Bellagio. These beautifully hand crafted carvings are sure to win your attention and admiration!

Fiori Di Como-  Bellagio, Las Vegas

For every MGM Studios movie/ cartoon fan, this gleaming lion at MGM Grand is sure to bring back a lot of memories!

MGM Grand- Las Vegas


Weekly Photo ChallengeAmbience

Cherry on Top- Rainbow

Dal Lake, Kashmir

A boat ride through the floating gardens of Dal Lake, surrounded by beautiful houseboats and magnificent mountains was a pleasing experience.  The evening was complete with a sudden drizzle of rain to enhance the surrounding serenity. The huge rainbow across the lake was a cherry on top, thus making the entire experience mesmerizing! No wonder why Kashmir is referred to be the Paradise on Earth!


Weekly Photo Challenge- Cherry On Top