#AtoZChallenge- Greatest Guide

Kriti had the perfect life. A life that most people her age would crave. A great job at Asia’s largest IT firm, supporting friends and family and an independent life in one of the most happening cities of the country. Though this was how her life appeared from the outside, deep within she always experienced a feeling of hollowness.

In spite of working for a top IT company with a fat paycheck, she never really enjoyed her job. After two years in IT, Kriti felt safe to assume that software isn’t her thing.Β  Though she knew she wanted to change her career line, she wasn’t sure exactly where to head. She knew she wanted to be independent doing a job she loved, but was uncertain. This made her restless, anxious and dissatisfied with her life.

She finally took the leap of faith to get out of the job she hated and set to explore other options, in spite of not having a clue. She did not consider doing masters like her peers as she wasn’t interested in studying again for another degree. With the plan of getting a higher education ruled out, she wanted to give a shot in Banking, assuming that is something she might hold interest.

Kriti prepared for a year to give her banking exam. She indulged in preparations just for the sake of it, as she wasn’t sure if Banking was something her heart wanted. All she knew was a career she loved, where she didn’t have to think twice every morning before heading to work! Her mind was filled with dilemmas and her life seemed uncertain. She gave the exam, but her scores were not good enough to secure a job in Banking.

She wasn’t disappointed, but wondered ‘What Next?’, a question that has been haunting her for a while. All her friends were either working abroad or marrying someone from foreign lands, but Kriti was least bothered. She wasn’t clear on the hows, but she was very keen on the why. Her motto wasn’t to marry a rich guy abroad, but to have a satisfying and assured career, no matter where she lived.

Her life seemed to have lost track yet again. She didn’t know what her plan of action should be. A change of place might help she thought. She moved to a new place as a paying guest where she met some interesting and like minded people. The building was full of girls from various career paths, thus paving way for her to explore more options.

One of the girls asked if she was interested in investing in a small business which involved online marketing and selling products. Kriti was instantly interested as developing strategies for online marketing sounded interesting. Unfortunately, her parents turned down to offer her monetary help of investing in business. Having a steady flow of income through a job she loved, no matter how long it took was always a better idea than investing in an unknown business they thought. Kriti couldn’t deny.

After her foiled plans of business venture, she realized her growing interest to learn further about online marketing. She came to know that there is a whole world of career path out there known as ‘Digital Marketing’. This arena definitely made her curious and as a result she spent weeks researching and exploring the scope of that field. Upon deep digging into the opportunities and requirements for a career in Digital Marketing, she strongly believed that it is something she would definitely enjoy working in.

When inquiring, one of her cousins suggested that Digital Marketing offers good pay and roles only for MBA candidates. Kriti was disheartened again to know about spending more years to study. Now that she knew how badly she wanted to get into a good job with Digital Marketing, she succumbed to try getting an MBA degree. She planned to allocate a good six months for the preparation and another year for earning an MBA, though not wholeheartedly.

Half year passed, Kriti gave her MBA entrance examination and her scores weren’t great again. But this time it was because of a guy. A guy who came into her life a while ago out of nowhere, but Kriti had to walk out for all good reasons. This disturbed her at a greater level and caused hindrance to her preparation. With all the uncertainties going on in her life, Kriti did not want to waste another year without a job to earn a degree she wasn’t interested in. After all, her whole risk of leaving her stable job was to find happiness in what she did!

She left the city and moved back to her hometown. This time she met people from the very field she was trying to get into! Her room mate was working in a Digital Marketing firm and Kriti made sure she got the right pointers this time. She applied for jobs in Digi marketing while taking part time courses on the same. Within few months, she got some fantastic offers with her desired pay at some of the best marketing firms!

Three months passed and Kriti was never this content with her life! She loved her job and the creative aspect to it. She enjoyed her life devoid of apprehensions and looked forward to wake up each day to go to work. When retrospecting, Kriti cannot help but be thankful for all the uncertainties in her life at one point. After all, they are the ones that paved way for her to realize where her passion lies! “Whatever is meant to be, will always find it’s way…. no matter what!”, she often reminded herself.

Law of Attraction Takeaway– The universe is your greatest guide! No matter how many uncertainties and twists exist in your life, they are all paving you to get to your destination at the right time. The universe makes sure that whatever we desire will ultimately find it’s way.

The universe is your greatest guide! No matter how many hardships come in the way, whatever is meant to be will always find it’s way!


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