Missing in Action- Blog Update


Hope everyone is doing good! I don’t know if you noticed, but Aura with writing has been missing from your feed for many months. I haven’t posted anything for the second half of 2017, as I was completely involved and busy with an important life event taking place. I usually write when I can totally indulge in writing and not just for the heck of it. As a result I end up vanishing for months! The end of year always reminds me of my progress/ regress with respect to writing and blogging, as every new year marks the anniversary of this blog.

I started Aura with writing in January 2016 with a budding interest in writing and art. Though I did not make much progress with blogging as I wish to in the last two years, my hope to continue to get better never seems to die. No matter how many times I vanish and get away from writing due to circumstances, I always yearn to get back and learn. Now here I am, yet again, writing reflections for the year on the last day of 2017! (At least in my time zone!)

My 2017 in a nutshell:

The year started off with fresh enthusiasm and promises to keep writing no matter what! Well, I did stick to it for the initial few months and wanted to even after the hectic AtoZ Challenge! But well, it wasn’t easy for me to get into my Zen zone of writing meaningful content when a lot was going on.

Most of my 2017 was stressful both personally and professionally, but ended on a very high note with some unforgettable life events and moments I will always be grateful for! As always I learned few life lessons and this time it wasn’t the hard way! Not because life was easy, but because my perception slowly started shifting for good.

I noticed a lot of improvement in my way of looking at things and people and have made progress in my journey of optimism. All these will definitely reflect in my writings in the future. After a debacle for two years, I realized I shouldn’t be making any promises on being regular on the blog, but hey! Old habits die hard and I’m definitely no quitter!

I was an avid reader as a child and was always engrossed in books. But as I grew older, my reading has declined significantly with 0 being the count for the past 4 years! This very fact makes me feel ashamed and uncomfortable as much as it reminds me of my time I wasted with unnecessary browsing and internet.

My wishlist for 2018:

In 2018, I wish to get back to my old habit of reading, apart from writing. I’m challenging myself to read 30 books in the new year. I do think the number is high for someone who lost the habit of reading, but my over ambitious book count should motivate me enough to get through at-least half of them. As far as the blog goes, I want to update at least twice a month. Not making any promises, but nothing wrong in trying, right? I’m also looking forward to make some major lifestyle changes, one at a time at my own pace. Eagerly waiting to write about them if I’m successful at getting habituated to at least one from my check list. Signing off hoping for an exciting 2018!

Happy new and prosperous 2018! May this year be better and brighter than ever! 😊