#AtoZChallenge- Japan Journey

Sarah has a great fascination for Japan. Her obsession with the land of the rising sun started years ago when she was in high school in West Africa. Over the course of time, she developed an innate admiration for Japanese culture, their food and their famous anime. Sarah never stopped dreaming of visiting Japan at least once in her lifetime. But living on the other side of the globe, she hardly knew when or how she would probably get an opportunity to visit her favorite country.

After graduating from high school, Sarah moved to the United States to pursue her bachelors degree. Her time in the US brought her a little closer to fulfilling her Japanese fascination. She made some Japanese friends who were international students just like her. Her curiosity kept escalating when her friends spoke at length about their customs which sounded very enlightening. She made sure to attend the international cultural banquets at school that comprised of art and culture display from different parts of the world, which included Japan. Sarah made every attempt to get to know more about the country through various sources, now that she has access. She visited every Japanese restaurant in town and Sushi has become one of her favorites!

Sarah also became a frequent visitor to the Asian store where she got good access to Japanese food items, their candies, sea food and much more. She discussed about Japanese facts at a very granular level whenever she had conversations with her non-Japanese friends. Most of them admired her level of commitment to get closer to Japan in every way possible. Though Sarah was not sure when she would get an opportunity to go to Japan, she did not think that as a reason to stop her from ‘experiencing’ the country. Not only did she know most of the famous Japanese words, but she also started learning on how to read and write the language from various sources on the internet. Sarah loved every minute of her time that she spent indulging herself in her Japanese fascination. She neither had the finances to plan a trip to Japan anytime in the near future to savor her cravings, nor did she have any idea of when or how her fascination would turn into reality. All she knew was she found happiness in thinking about her favorite country and she made every effort to ‘feel’ and ‘experience’ Japan without actually being there.

Sarah was great at academics and always gained a spot on the Dean’s list. The spring semester just began and Sarah was in her third year. One morning while Sarah was browsing through her inbox with an ongoing lecture in the classroom, she stumbled upon an email that blew her mind! The email was from her department that included a flyer filled with pictures she is most familiar with and the title read-

Visit Japan- 2017 CUC Summer Program’

Sarah was in utter shock! The email was about an opportunity to visit and experience Japan for a week, as a part of their school’s affiliated Japanese University program! The program offers students from different parts of the world, to visit and experience Japan’s economy, finance, culture and art. Sarah was on cloud nine! She definitely knew this was her chance to visit Japan. The best part was that the school would offer financial grant and some credits for the Summer semester! A win-win situation, Sarah thought. However the opportunity was limited to only 5 students from their school. That’s a catch, Sarah wondered, but she was pretty confident she would make it to the ones selected, because all she believed was – Japan is in her destiny!

Sarah applied for the program with great enthusiasm. Being an excellent student, her grades were great and her passion for Japan was very well reflected in her application. So as expected, Sarah made it to the list of students shortlisted for the CUC Summer program at the Chiba University of Commerce! She wasn’t surprised as she thoroughly believed she was going to visit Japan. Her ongoing language skills and the semi cultural experience she had all these years would finally help her realize her long lasting dream, without the need of a dime from her pocket!

Summer arrived and Sarah woke up in Japan! Her joy knew no bounds. She made wonderful friends from the country and also from different parts of the world. She had her first hand experience of Japanese culture and traditions, went on excursions visiting museums and  famous sight seeing spots. They had to attend classes in the morning and roamed around the city during the evenings. Sarah was living and cherishing every moment of her time in Japan. She took tons of pictures and was busy making memories for a lifetime! As she enjoyed every minute of her time in her most favorite country, Sarah posted pictures of herself in traditional Yukata outfits with hashtag #livingthedream!

Law of Attraction Takeaway– When you desire something, indulge yourself completely in the experience, as if your desire is already fulfilled! The ‘when‘ and ‘how‘ of your manifestation is none of your business, as it is the job of the universe. When you start wondering about the possibility of your desire, you send vibes of disbelief which could have counter effects!

Do not be concerned about the ‘how’ and ‘when’ of things appearing. Slightest of doubts can mean lack of trust in the law of attraction!


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