#AtoZChallenge- Idol Inspiration

Like most of us, Pia loved browsing videos on YouTube. She spent considerable amount of time watching makeup tutorials, styling hacks, cooking channels and inspirational videos. One evening while she was randomly browsing through her feed on YouTube, she stumbled upon Lilly Singh’s channel IISuperwomaII . Pia noticed 3 million subscribers and was surprised to see so many followers for an Indian origin YouTuber living abroad. She was drawn into the channel instantly, as it was not very often that people get to see brown girls become famous on a foreign land.

Pia then started watching few of her videos, which made her realize why the channel had so many followers. Lilly Singh was not only funny, but was also very smart and full of wit! It made Pia instantly fall in love with her videos. She subscribed to the channel without a second thought and watched as many videos as she could. Pia followed Lilly Singh’s daily vlogs and her other social media accounts which made her feel much closer to Lilly on a daily basis.

Pia had days of YouTube marathons, devoted solely for Lilly Singh’s videos. The more she watched, the more she was drawn into her. As she made progress watching the number of videos, Pia couldn’t help but recognize and appreciate the amount of time and effort Lilly puts in all her videos. Pia found Lilly and her passion very inspiring. Not very often does she develop immense amount of love and respect in such a short span of time. But her admiration was real.

Lilly Singh’s disbelief in luck and her preaching on how important hard work is, in a funny yet motivational way influenced Pia on many levels. She was also moved with a growing admiration for Lilly Singh for her #OneLove and #GirlLove campaigns. Pia officially became on of her biggests fans like many other girls, after spending every day restlessly waiting for IISuperwomanII videos for the past few years. Neither was she tired of watching her nor was she bored of listening to her even after all this time!

Like most of Lilly Singh’s fans around the world, Pia’s growing admiration for her idol, made her realize how badly she wanted to meet her. In 2015, Lilly announced her world tour which included many cities in India. Pia was super excited! But unfortunately she had no clue on how to get the tickets to the show and she missed it. Pia was very disappointed but she did not let her disappointment dampen her spirits of meeting her idol. She continued to stay hooked to the channel as always and enjoyed watching her. She was so much into her that Pia always felt and imagined herself sharing a banter with Lilly on issues that struck a chord. She always imagined and enjoyed the thoughts of meeting her idol and having witty conversations over a cup of coffee. Pia always felt happy and inspired whenever she thought about meeting Lilly in real. She developed an eagerness to know if her idol is as charming, as funny and as inspiring in real as she appeared on the screen.

Years passed and the popularity of IISuperwomanII  channel grew by leaps and bounds. With Lilly’s growing popularity grew Pia’s respect and devotion. Lilly announced her world tour again, but this time for her book launch. Pia could not be happier! She was not only eagerly looking forward for the book but was adamant to meet her idol this time, no matter what! She made countless prayers for an opportunity to meet her and her chance to find tickets for the show unlike last time. To her surprise, Lilly was not only coming over to Pia’s town, but the tickets showed up on Bookmyshow platform, which made things very easy! Pia made sure to grab a ticket at the earliest. She became restless imagining her idol in real. She made plans, brought gifts which she planned on giving it to her if at all possible. Irrespective of the reality, Pia loved every moment of her fantasy of the inspiring idol’s meet.

Within few months, the D-Day came. Pia was excited as she arrived at the venue with gifts in her hand. She felt lucky enough to get one of the front seats for a better view of her idol. The moment Lilly Singh walked onto the stage, Pia was elated! She was amazed at the way how Lilly was so real and yet the same person as she portrayed herself in her videos. She was hilarious, beautiful and inspiring. As the event progressed, Lilly announced a surprise for her fans. She announced that few people from the audience had golden tickets and those few would be the lucky ones to hang out with her after the show. Pia quickly looked at her ticket, she couldn’t believe her eyes! She had the golden ticket but failed to notice as she was too engrossed in her excitement to see her idol.

Pia was not only enthusiastic to see her, but she was blown away by the opportunity to actually meet Lilly in real and spend time with her! The golden girls met Lilly Singh over coffee just like Pia had been imagining all these years. She thoroughly enjoyed the witty and fun banter with Lilly and expressed her admiration and love for her. She handed over her hand picked gifts, which Lilly appreciated very much! Pia took as many pictures as possible and absolutely lived the moment of meeting her most real, yet inspiring idol!

Law of Attraction Takeaway– Imagination is powerful as it creates reality. But make sure you thoroughly indulge and enjoy this process of imagination rather than doing it as a chore for the sake of law of attraction. Imagining just for the heck of it won’t work, but imagining and enjoying your thoughts as if you are already experiencing your desire, works wonders!

Imagination is everything! It is a preview of  life’s coming attractions- Albert Einstein

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  1. Science says that our subconscious mind could not differentiate between real and imaginary because it uses the same mechanism to process both the phenomena. In this context, imagination is indeed a powerful tool, which could break borders.

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