Atop the Big Apple

New York– A name that gives me goosebumps ever since I was a kid. Visiting New York city was part of my big American dream and I was fortunate to be able to fulfill this within a year of my stay in the U.S. My joy knew no bounds as Manhattan was very much like I’ve been imagining it over the years. The hype wasn’t fake, nor was the vibe. With a limited time of less than a day, which is definitely not enough to relish and roam around in this big city, I could only visit a few tourist destinations. The next time I get to visit New York, I hope and wish to fulfill my desire of gaining a full fledged experience of this fascinating city!

The Empire State Building was one among the few places I got to visit. This world wonder gave a beautiful glimpse of the cityscape, with quite a different view of the city and the buildings. It was amazing how being on top of this skyscraper threw a totally different perspective of the ‘Big Apple’ and the night view couldn’t get any better!

Here are few pictures of a gleaming New York city adorned by a beautiful sunset, taken from the Empire State Building observatory.

Brooklyn Bridge
Sparkling Skyscrapers
Scintillating Cityscape


Weekly Photo ChallengeAtop

Pattern Art

Patterns to me are synonymous with art. I’ve been trying my hand at doodling with patterns these days. I came across Zentangle art and fell in love with it instantly! Zentangle is a method of drawing with repeated structured patterns. The beauty of this art lies in the patterns!

Zentangle which has gained immense popularity, is quickly evolving into an art form. This art is not only pleasing to eyes, but is also a great way to relax and focus. I consider this practice highly therapeutic and grab every opportunity to come up with doodles and drawings with patterns. Though I’m still far from perfection in this, I wish to continue to explore and learn drawing different types of patterned art.

Here are few of my doodles with patterns that I’ve been drawing lately. Though I don’t use professional Zentangle sakura pens yet, I did these with an ultra pointed sharpie marker.

Zentangled Butterfly
Pattern Queen
Embellished Birdie


Daily PromptPattern

The Road Taken to Awesomeness

During the trip to Las Vegas, we planned to visit all the nearby tourist destinations. This included ‘the must’ visit to Hoover Dam. Hoover Dam wasn’t something I was really excited about, but wanted to visit for the sake of striking it off from my checklist. The road to the dam from Vegas had few viewpoints on the way. But we had to skip these to reach the dam before sunset. After our quick stop over at the dam, we headed back to Vegas. As we did not spend much time at Hoover Dam, we took the road to Lake Mead viewpoint on our return journey.

To my surprise, this view turned out to be one of the most breathtakingly beautiful views I’ve seen lately! I was totally awestruck and couldn’t stop admiring the beautiful scenery that included shades of blue with patches of brown and white. Blue is something that catches my eye the most and kind of gives me high! 🙂 Simply amazing!  The chilly wind of December could not intervene my admiration for this wonder!

The road taken has definitely led me to one of my most memorable views! Hope the photographs do justice to some extent! 🙂

Lake Mead Viewpoint, Nevada
Lake Mead Viewpoint, Nevada
Lake Mead Viewpoint, Nevada


Weekly Photo ChallengeThe Road Taken