#AtoZChallenge- Marvelous Miracle

In most cultures, a woman is never considered complete unless she becomes a mother. Amita lived in such a society. She was married 8 years ago, yet the couple had no children. Obviously she became the area of concern for her in laws as well as her parents. Every so called well wisher never stopped questioning or suggesting ways to conceive a child. Though Amita badly wanted a baby as much as people surrounding her, the pressure of being questioned dominated her despair of not having a kid.

Though the couple tried every medical way and took medications for getting pregnant, nothing instantly worked. As a result, Amita’s longing for a child and her inability to get pregnant only made her mental state deteriorate. Unable to wait any further, her family who trusted astrological predictions more than anything, approached an astrologer. As per the astrologer, Amita isn’t fortunate enough to ever have children. There was no sign of her becoming a mother in her birth chart!

The family was devastated. Her in laws cursed her and themselves for not paying attention to her birth chart at the time of marriage eight years ago. The idea of not having their family heir was insulting to them. Amita was shattered. In spite of already being worried about children, the thought of her family trusting planetary positions over being considerate made her feel much worse. Amid all the chaos, her husband’s support was the only ray of hope. He neither blamed her nor himself but always believed they will have children at some point. He always ignored what the world had to say, but he was also the less impacted compared to his wife, as he wasn’t blamed much unlike Amita.

The phase and struggle Amita was going through disturbed her husband quite a lot. He consoled her every day to have faith and not pay heed to astrological predictions or curses from people around her. “The more you pay attention and feed on what people have to say, the more you will attract such situations. I believe all this you are going through now is also a result of your past worry on what-if I don’t have kids. It is called law of attraction”, her husband explained. Amita listened but did not utter a word. Her husband shared good incidents citing examples of the law of attraction, just to make his wife realize and focus on the good she wants in life.

Amita slowly started feeling better as days passed. Her constant aid in the form of her husband during times of difficulty instilled hope. Instead of worrying about her future without kids, she steadily shifted her thoughts to imagining herself with a child. She enjoyed thinking about having a baby girl who resembled her husband. Her thoughts grew vivid and crystal clear with time. Amita’s mind was filled with images of her feeding the baby girl, dressing her up and watching her sleep. She noticed how often she dreamt of the same in her sleep as well.

Gradually, her subconscious mind believed she was going to have a baby girl. Everywhere Amita went, she saw herself in that place carrying her child. She looked for baby clothes and accessories whenever she went shopping. She read books on parenting and also shortlisted few names for the child she believed she was going to have. These thoughts kept Amita in her happy place, irrespective of people’s opinions and hateful remarks.

Within six months, a marvelous miracle took place. Amita realized she was pregnant! Her realization of turning her wish into reality gave her more pleasure than the good news itself! Her husband was overjoyed not only for the pregnancy news but also for his wife’s inherited trust. Her family was elated on the news, though they least expected after the prediction. Not only were they looking forward for their grandchild, but they also started doubting their trust in an astrologer. Now that Amita was pregnant, she also knew it will be a baby girl, just like she ever wanted!

Law of Attraction Takeaway– Life is not always in your control. But the ability to filter your thoughts irrespective of life’s circumstances is definitely in your control. Because thoughts become things and what you think, you become!

Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand – Bob Proctor


6 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge- Marvelous Miracle

  1. Sincere apologies for not popping in more! I’ve not seen post notifications for some reason and time…well you’re doing this too and it just gets eaten up!

    Great life lesson in thinking and attitude. They say also you are what you eat, the same coukd indeed be said with reference to thinking.

    How are you finding the challenge x

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    1. Please don’t apologize! It’s me who should!! I haven’t been able to drop by your blog at all!😭😭 Thank you so much for taking time to stop by here. This year’s AtoZ isn’t going well for… at all!! I’m still in M 😢 and I’m not sure I can complete the challenge this time. I will definitely read all your characters when I can! I see you’re doing a brilliant job with the challenge! Keep going Gary!!! 😊😊

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      1. I feel I should have kept up supporting you better! Having said that it’s much tougher than it first appears. Mines getting harder now too because of the theme. It’s evolved and the once narrator interviewing my characters has evolved into a proper story in itself. It makes the posts longer to do and that faces the time issue. Haven’t even started tomorrow’s !!

        Keep going though. It may be only M, bit try knocking content back and deliver the theme message via quotes or something shorter to see if that helps x


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