Doodling Series-#2 She is Fierce

Some fear the fire. Some simply become it!
To create this doodle, I used micron tip sakura pen and copic markers. Copic markers are a recently discovery and I’m still learning to use them the right way. Though this isn’t flawless, it is something new that I tried. 


Doodling Series- #1 Look Out the Window

I’m excited to share that I’ll be starting this new series on the blog called the Doodling Series. Art and doodles are like my long lost companions. Though writing is something I’ve been doing for the past few years, art has always been my first love. After ignoring my love for doodling and painting for over two decades, I finally decided to get back and try my hand at them. My recent posts on zentangle were the outcomes of this effort. Now with the doodling series, I intent to attain the motivation to draw, sketch or doodle. Though these doodles won’t be flawless, my intention is to observe the improvement or betterment as I move forward with the series. 

I shall continue to write, but posting a doodle once in a while on the blog wouldn’t cause harm I feel 🙂

Look out the window

Growing up has lesser perks to life than we expect as a child. As a kid, we crave to grow up faster to escape the hasles of NOT being an adult. But only when we get to adulthood do we realize how ignorant we really were as a kid! Life and its experiences teach us many things, but at the same time, we tend to lose some of the most valuable sensibilities we had as a child. Few among them are the wonder, curiosity and the ability to wish and dream. 

Did you ever notice how a child looks out the window? What do they think when they see the stars? They wonder, ask questions or try to cook up stories about flying and landing amid the moon and the stars. They imagine, dream and wish for things to come true, without any doubts or fears of not being fulfilled. Now when was the last time you tried to look out the window? Even if you did, it would’ve been a stare. A stare with everything other than cherishing the stars, running inside your head. Your worries, your issues, your to-do lists or your regrets of the past.  Everything apart from dreaming and imagining the good rotates inside our minds. Why has it become so hard to ‘look’ and cherish? Why are we always running behind what’s bothering us, instead of what makes us happy? Why do we talk about our past or issues rather than our wishes or dreams? 

Little changes to our mindsets can make a whole lot of difference to the way we look at things. Dreaming and wishing without thinking about the possibilities or assesing the outcomes may sound impractical. But having the belief of your dreams being fulfilled irrespective of practicality is what is the need of the hour. That trust and positive energy we had as a kid is what we require as an adult. 

Bring back that child in you and look out the window. Not to stare at your problems, but to look beyond them and cherish the stars!

#AtoZChallenge- Zentangle

Zentangle is my new found love. It is an art form where repeated patterns are drawn in a structured manner. This art is a great way to relax, rejuvenate and focus. I consider this highly therapeutic and have been trying my hand a lot on it lately. Zentangle helps me regain my long lost focus.

Here are two ‘inspired’ Zentangle versions of Disney princesses.

Say Hello to Zentangled Elsa from Frozen! I used Sharpie pointed marker to do this.

Elsa- Frozen
Here is Jasmine from Aladin in my zentangled version. I used Micron pointed tip pens for this to make subtle details pop.

JasmineI plan to do more in the Disney series and will keep posting as I do. Here is my other post on Zentangle art- Pattern Art

Pattern Art

Patterns to me are synonymous with art. I’ve been trying my hand at doodling with patterns these days. I came across Zentangle art and fell in love with it instantly! Zentangle is a method of drawing with repeated structured patterns. The beauty of this art lies in the patterns!

Zentangle which has gained immense popularity, is quickly evolving into an art form. This art is not only pleasing to eyes, but is also a great way to relax and focus. I consider this practice highly therapeutic and grab every opportunity to come up with doodles and drawings with patterns. Though I’m still far from perfection in this, I wish to continue to explore and learn drawing different types of patterned art.

Here are few of my doodles with patterns that I’ve been drawing lately. Though I don’t use professional Zentangle sakura pens yet, I did these with an ultra pointed sharpie marker.

Zentangled Butterfly
Pattern Queen
Embellished Birdie


Daily PromptPattern

Elephant God, Ganesha- #AtoZChallenge

The Elephant headed God, Ganesha is an epitome of knowledge, wisdom and auspiciousness.

The divine aura radiated by God of intellect never ceases to inspire me. I enjoy painting various forms of Lord Ganesha and I’ve been doing it for years now. I feel it is very therapeutic. This piece of art is one such painting from my collection.

This is a playful representation of Lord Ganesha who is accompanied by his brother Karthikeya, the War God.