AtoZChallenge 2018- Theme Reveal

Well, it is that time of the year, yet again! The time that makes me badly realize- I am biting more than I can chew, yet not ready to give up! Yes, it’s time for AtoZ Challenge!

This will be my third consecutive year with AtoZ and as always, I signed up the last minute. Last two attempts went without a theme, but this time I wanted to boil down my thoughts as previous challenges have proved how hard it is without a theme. I know I’m long past the due date for a theme reveal post, but better late than never, right?

I started this blog with an intention other than honing my writing skills. An intent to remind myself and everyone who visits this blog, the power and the magic of our mind. So this year’s AtoZ Challenge will be aligned with this motive.

Few years ago, I reached a phase where I was vexed with the agitation created by my pessimistic mind. I was tired of cooking up the worst of situations inside my head that came so naturally to me. I wanted to do something to feel at peace irrespective of circumstances. But a 180 degree shift in the way I look at things won’t happen overnight. It takes great effort, multiple encounters with failure and most importantly- time. In this process of attaining the enlightenment I badly craved for, I stumbled upon ‘Law of Attraction‘.

Law of Attraction is a philosophy built on the lines- ‘like attracts like‘. Accordingly, every incident in your life has been, is and will be an outcome of this universal law. The more you nurture negative thoughts inside your head, the more likely you are to attract them into your life. Greater the gratitude and joy, greater will be the abundance in your life. Thought it isn’t as simple as it sounds, manifesting ANYTHING you want no matter how ridiculous it appears, is POSSIBLE!

The secret to this lies in our minds and the faith or belief in the universe it holds.

“Believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize”


This year I will be sharing stories, real life experiences of how I or someone I know manifested what they wanted through Law of Attraction. So my theme for AToZ Challenge -2018 is

Tiny Tales on Law of Attraction

The intent here is to make people realize that anything we want in life is attainable but the key is to have faith and belief in the universe. There are certain norms by which the law works just like any other law, which I will point out at the end of each tale through the month of April. This attempt is to make myself and anyone who reads this develop faith and conviction in Law of Attraction. If you are already aware of it and use it in your life, I hope these tiny tales only make your belief stronger.

I’m also taking the A TO Z CHALLENGE WITH BLOGCHATTER 2018 this time!

So this April, join me in exploring how dreams turn into reality and remember,

“What we think, we become”


Aura with Writing

My first glimpseof you was more than a decade ago.

The moment I saw you, I was amazed at your intriguing personality. Instantly found you fascinating and my admiration for you kept intensifying.

I considered myself lucky that I got an opportunity to know you. I was elated! You were my new found love.

As years passed, I watched you evolve, take different forms. Your growth had no limits. You were mesmerizing!

You were my window to the world. You made me forget about boredom. I was never this entertained!I loved you!

Your capabilities never ceased to amuse me. You were the answer to all my questions. My world revolved around you. You made my life easy!

My intimacy with youknew no bounds. I sacrificed my cardinal relationships for spending time with you. I was addicted!

I grew so fond, I could not stayaway from you! Your presence made…

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