AtoZChallenge 2018- Theme Reveal

Well, it is that time of the year, yet again! The time that makes me badly realize- I am biting more than I can chew, yet not ready to give up! Yes, it’s time for AtoZ Challenge!

This will be my third consecutive year with AtoZ and as always, I signed up the last minute. Last two attempts went without a theme, but this time I wanted to boil down my thoughts as previous challenges have proved how hard it is without a theme. I know I’m long past the due date for a theme reveal post, but better late than never, right?

I started this blog with an intention other than honing my writing skills. An intent to remind myself and everyone who visits this blog, the power and the magic of our mind. So this year’s AtoZ Challenge will be aligned with this motive.

Few years ago, I reached a phase where I was vexed with the agitation created by my pessimistic mind. I was tired of cooking up the worst of situations inside my head that came so naturally to me. I wanted to do something to feel at peace irrespective of circumstances. But a 180 degree shift in the way I look at things won’t happen overnight. It takes great effort, multiple encounters with failure and most importantly- time. In this process of attaining the enlightenment I badly craved for, I stumbled upon ‘Law of Attraction‘.

Law of Attraction is a philosophy built on the lines- ‘like attracts like‘. Accordingly, every incident in your life has been, is and will be an outcome of this universal law. The more you nurture negative thoughts inside your head, the more likely you are to attract them into your life. Greater the gratitude and joy, greater will be the abundance in your life. Thought it isn’t as simple as it sounds, manifesting ANYTHING you want no matter how ridiculous it appears, is POSSIBLE!

The secret to this lies in our minds and the faith or belief in the universe it holds.

“Believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize”


This year I will be sharing stories, real life experiences of how I or someone I know manifested what they wanted through Law of Attraction. So my theme for AToZ Challenge -2018 is

Tiny Tales on Law of Attraction

The intent here is to make people realize that anything we want in life is attainable but the key is to have faith and belief in the universe. There are certain norms by which the law works just like any other law, which I will point out at the end of each tale through the month of April. This attempt is to make myself and anyone who reads this develop faith and conviction in Law of Attraction. If you are already aware of it and use it in your life, I hope these tiny tales only make your belief stronger.

I’m also taking the A TO Z CHALLENGE WITH BLOGCHATTER 2018 this time!

So this April, join me in exploring how dreams turn into reality and remember,

“What we think, we become”


Aura with Writing

My first glimpseof you was more than a decade ago.

The moment I saw you, I was amazed at your intriguing personality. Instantly found you fascinating and my admiration for you kept intensifying.

I considered myself lucky that I got an opportunity to know you. I was elated! You were my new found love.

As years passed, I watched you evolve, take different forms. Your growth had no limits. You were mesmerizing!

You were my window to the world. You made me forget about boredom. I was never this entertained!I loved you!

Your capabilities never ceased to amuse me. You were the answer to all my questions. My world revolved around you. You made my life easy!

My intimacy with youknew no bounds. I sacrificed my cardinal relationships for spending time with you. I was addicted!

I grew so fond, I could not stayaway from you! Your presence made…

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Missing in Action- Blog Update


Hope everyone is doing good! I don’t know if you noticed, but Aura with writing has been missing from your feed for many months. I haven’t posted anything for the second half of 2017, as I was completely involved and busy with an important life event taking place. I usually write when I can totally indulge in writing and not just for the heck of it. As a result I end up vanishing for months! The end of year always reminds me of my progress/ regress with respect to writing and blogging, as every new year marks the anniversary of this blog.

I started Aura with writing in January 2016 with a budding interest in writing and art. Though I did not make much progress with blogging as I wish to in the last two years, my hope to continue to get better never seems to die. No matter how many times I vanish and get away from writing due to circumstances, I always yearn to get back and learn. Now here I am, yet again, writing reflections for the year on the last day of 2017! (At least in my time zone!)

My 2017 in a nutshell:

The year started off with fresh enthusiasm and promises to keep writing no matter what! Well, I did stick to it for the initial few months and wanted to even after the hectic AtoZ Challenge! But well, it wasn’t easy for me to get into my Zen zone of writing meaningful content when a lot was going on.

Most of my 2017 was stressful both personally and professionally, but ended on a very high note with some unforgettable life events and moments I will always be grateful for! As always I learned few life lessons and this time it wasn’t the hard way! Not because life was easy, but because my perception slowly started shifting for good.

I noticed a lot of improvement in my way of looking at things and people and have made progress in my journey of optimism. All these will definitely reflect in my writings in the future. After a debacle for two years, I realized I shouldn’t be making any promises on being regular on the blog, but hey! Old habits die hard and I’m definitely no quitter!

I was an avid reader as a child and was always engrossed in books. But as I grew older, my reading has declined significantly with 0 being the count for the past 4 years! This very fact makes me feel ashamed and uncomfortable as much as it reminds me of my time I wasted with unnecessary browsing and internet.

My wishlist for 2018:

In 2018, I wish to get back to my old habit of reading, apart from writing. I’m challenging myself to read 30 books in the new year. I do think the number is high for someone who lost the habit of reading, but my over ambitious book count should motivate me enough to get through at-least half of them. As far as the blog goes, I want to update at least twice a month. Not making any promises, but nothing wrong in trying, right? I’m also looking forward to make some major lifestyle changes, one at a time at my own pace. Eagerly waiting to write about them if I’m successful at getting habituated to at least one from my check list. Signing off hoping for an exciting 2018!

Happy new and prosperous 2018! May this year be better and brighter than ever! 😊

#AtoZChallenge- Kiss

She entered, I stared.

She smiled, I blushed.

She saw, I hid.

She called, I rejoiced.

She approached, I panicked.

She spoke, I stammered.

She texted, I smiled.

She sought, I  helped.

She exclaimed, I wondered.

She grumbled, I heard.

She criticized, I eulogized.

She failed, I sympathized.

She expressed, I empathized.

She implied, I understood.

She asked, I devoted.

She tried, I cheered.

She won, I celebrated.

She wished, I fulfilled.

She loved, I worshiped.

She touched, I bounced.

She kissed, I flew.

Opposites DON’T Attract


We grow up hearing so many conventions, sayings and cliches, that they end up secured in our sub conscious memory. Result- every choice, decision and judgement revolves around these adages unknowingly. One such cliched statement that disguises to hold true in relationships is – Opposites Attract!

This was, or may be still is not only a popular interpretation of relationships, but also one of the most conveniently used pick up lines, ever! When we are young with not much conscience about ourselves or the awareness for the need of knowing ourselves, we end up making choices that may not necessarily do any good. One such instance is ending up in relationships due to an immaturity to realize what we actually want or mere lack of judgement.

A shy boy meets this outgoing girl and he is instantly mesmerized by her charming personality. He falls for her ability to express herself and her gregarious nature. Well, just like any romantic novel or a movie, they are attracted to each other, end up in a relationship and enjoy a sunset together, relying on the masked fact of- Opposites attract!! They enjoy each others company and keep spending more time together. It’s all wonderful and beautiful during their initial lovey-dovey stages of love life. But the real problem sprouts in the long run, when they reveal much more about each other, only to realize how different they are! Well ya! That’s how they got together in the first place, duh!

They no longer find their partners attractive. The extroverted quality that he admired, seems to slowly turn noisy and annoying. The shy guy that she loved and respected, turned out to be a hindrance to her outgoing personality. The attraction fades away as they realize their differences. This is a mere example of one of the scenarios. Well, the differences might be extensive. It could be due to opposite personality traits, career choices, goals, ambitions or values.

Opposites attract- and then can’t stand each other

Kenneth Kaye

As the phrase suggests in itself, it is merely an attraction. An attraction that has no promise to last forever. But there are cases where this phrase actually worked, when partners are poles apart, but lived happily ever after. It could be an outcome of complementing each other consistently or a constant struggle to make their relationship work, rather than mere attraction. The bottom line is- relationships will or will not work due to various reasons, but there is no truth in “Opposites always attracting!”  Well yes, may be in science, for magnetic poles, but not in relationships!

The choice of your partner depends on your perception of yourself.

Yes. It’s all you again and your mind! We always want to end up with the right ones, don’t we? But why do we screw up? What makes things go wrong? It’s because we never knew what we are! Nor did we know what we want. Self analysis helps us prevent mistakes we regret. It’s all in the perception of ourselves!

People who love themselves at a greater level, often end up falling for people similar to them. Why? – Because they are sure of what gives them comfort and what repels them. A reserved person, who loves himself/ herself for being reserved, may actually only enjoy the company of a person with similar personality and interests. Because in the long run, that’s how they will be!

An introverted person who is not really comfortable in his/ her own self, looks for or gets attracted to an extroverted personality. But it’s important to be sure if that will last forever. It will, if they really are unhappy about their introverted nature, wanting to get out of their shell and crave for someone to complement them.

It is essential to recognize the principles that matter the most to us. Choosing a partner with similar or opposite values, depends entirely on our perception of what is important to us.

Recent studies have shown that opposite similar values and views are needed for a healthy and lasting relationship. Many people with similar backgrounds/ professions actually end up longer together. This works, if you believe different career choices might actually cause disturbances.

No two people are alike. No matter how hard we strive to find someone like us, there will be things that are opposing and different.  It is necessary to not only enjoy the similarities, but also to appreciate the differences, thus complementing each other. Knowing what similarities or differences to admire, is up to us and our belief of ourselves. This paves way to make the right decision, rather than any pre- existing notions or adages. In the end, any relationship needs effort and commitment to keep it going.

So, understand yourself before you get ‘attracted’ to someone, because circumspection is always better than repentance.


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New Year, New Beginning- Blog Update

Happy New Year 2017!

I know I have been away from my blog and writing for a while now. Though I cannot state any justifiable excuses for my nearly half- yearly absence, I wish to sound reasonable by blaming various life circumstances. While I was lost learning life lessons the hard way, I missed waking up to the encouraging and kind comments from this generous community that usually make my day. So, I am back with a budding hope to continue writing and blogging a little longer this time. 

2016 has been an enlightening year on various fronts with mixed experiences, fair amountof traveling and self realization. It was rewarding  with respect to writing, as I dared to make an attempt to blog on a serious note. In spite of my irregular posts and updates, I gained reasonable number of followers that I never believed I could. The encouragement and learning experience from fellow bloggers is beyond satisfying! With this new year, I wish to share new thoughts, new stories and also gave a new look to the blog in the process!   

It’s never too late to start afresh!

I hope this year is better and brighter for everyone!😊

Unexposed Urges- #AtoZChallenge


I was sweating and puffing. It was an intense moment.

I was afraid if someone would notice. I had to be careful.

I could not control my anxiety, but I was glad I was going to do it! Finally!

I realized she was fast asleep. The pills worked.

The very moment that I’ve been planning for, was finally live in action!

Yes, I’m going to strangle her. Strangle her to death!

I was filled with rage. I’ve had enough of her nagging, emotional abuse and maltreatment. I finally took in the courage to take this extreme step after many failed attempts to negotiate. A step to break my bondage, forever, from the only pain of my life. I felt relieved.


Wake up!! You’re getting late for work”, she said while waking me up. “Our couple shoot picture that you posted on Facebook received 150 likes! How cool is that? By the way, why are you sweating?”, she continued.