When Food is your Constant- Matrimonial

A Foodie’s Matrimonial Ad

Arranged marriages are in full swing in India even today. Once someone hits and surpasses their Quarter Life Crisis, they are obligated to create matrimonial profile for a potential bride/groom, in the best interest of their parents. A typical matrimony profile is mostly about how well you can find someone compatible with your social class, profession, lifestyle and tastes and not just limiting to vital stats or good looks. Almost like a dating profile, but looking for something ‘serious’ and long term.

While matrimony profiles can be as genuine as possible or as fake as being perfect, this is just a starting point for ‘considering’ the person to be a prospective life partner. Well because there are a lot more factors to consider than just what they put up on their profile. In a world where there is a very thin line between reality and fantasy and the complex personalities people end up developing, it’s hard to gain consciousness of what we are and what we want, let alone what we are looking for in our partners. In such a world, if there is one constant that any foodie is sure of- no prizes for guessing! It has to be food!

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach  literally holds true for all food lovers. Here is a comical interpretation of how a matrimonial ad would look like on a matrimony platform for foodies. Because they are pretty sure of their constant and are aware that no matter how perfect the vital stats are, how pretty the face is, how easily they fall under their societal standards and how compatible they are, it all boils down to their constant- Food!! They are crystal clear on their agenda of expectations and rather focus on the ability of their potential partner to cook their favorite dish, rather than the religion they follow or the color of their skin.

Here is a true Biryani lover who would never get tired to cherish the aromatic amalgamation of flavors and seeks the same even on his matrimonial profile.

If only life was this simple- Boiling down to constants (food)! Sigh!

Daily Prompt– Constant

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