Serene Silence

Sylvan Lake, South Dakota

This magnificent view was at Sylvan Lake during my visit to South Dakota. Like many other places of interest that South Dakota has to offer, Sylvan lake is one of them. This lake is a hidden gem amidst the towering Black Hills.

This spectacular lake with a view makes you feel relieved and rejuvenated with nothing but tranquility induced by chirping birds and mild breeze. A quick hike around the lake was as beautiful as it looked and sounded!

This place reminded me of the fact that there is beauty in stillness. Though silence may often be associated to negativity which depicts lack of communication or connection, there is beauty to it. Amidst all the chaos we live in along with constant chatters of the mind, taking a moment to cease, to be calm, devoid of stress, ‘to-do’ lists and connections is very much the need of the hour in today’s world. I enjoy tranquility and solitude more than many things in my life and it brings me immense joy and peace. Taking a moment off from your busy lives, just to be calm, to feel the silence and the beauty it offers can do wonders if practiced daily. Trying to disconnect from the world to feel and cherish the stillness of the present is a great way to tame our wandering minds.

This image is my go-to picture that reminds me of the beauty in serene silence and how much I need it!

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