#AtoZChallenge- Xanthophobia

Jason was seven and was waiting at the bus stop with his dad for his bus. After a few minutes he was excited to look at the school bus approaching. But in a fraction of few seconds, the yellow school bus was hit hard by a speeding truck with a rash driver. The bus immediately burst into flames and Jason froze with shock, though his dad tried hard to take him away from the spot.

He was in extreme shock and cried in pain for months after the incident. He couldn’t go to school and feared going out, despite his parent’s best efforts. After several months, he started feeling a bit better, but his anxiety wasn’t gone completely. One morning, his mother gave him a banana for breakfast and the moment he saw it, he despised and threw it far away. He locked himself up in his room but came out running in a while. He was all sweaty and gasped continuously. After inquiring what was wrong, Jason told his parents that he is getting extremely scared when he looks at anything yellow.

His parents panicked and they went to see a doctor regarding their son’s condition. Upon consulting the doctor, they realized Jason has developed a rare case of chromophobia, fear of a color and his condition was called Xanthophobia. Jason was reminded of the burning yellow school bus whenever he saw anything yellow. This made it hard for him to even go out as he would have to see the sun. Though medication could help alleviate fear to some extent, the condition could get better only with time.

Xanthophobia is fear of the color yellow. It is a type of chromophobia and it is a strong aversion towards anything of the color yellow. Sometimes people suffering from Xanthophobia have the extreme cases of fear from evening hearing the word yellow. As strange as it may sound, the fear causes extreme levels of inconvenience and anxiety. 


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