#AtoZChallenge- Weather Way

When I moved to the States, I found many things, habits and practices fascinating. One among them has to be the inevitable role played by the weather in everyday life. Coming from a tropical country, weather was never really an issue, apart from heavy downpour once in a blue moon.  The transition from a hot and dry climate of South India to cold and snowy weather of Mid Western United States hasn’t been easy for me. Climate was a huge part of my culture shock during the initial stages.

Coming from a warm place, I never really cared or even acknowledged much about weather changes. I hardly had a track of the temperatures except for the summers as it got too hot, but event then, not very often. Well now, weather has become an integral part of my life. It decides my outfit, my plan for the day and also my mood!  Dressing as per weather has been fun during the honeymoon stages in a new country, but then that did not last long. I was welcomed for the first time to the United States in the month of December, just ahead of New Year’s eve. The moment I stepped out of the airport, imagine my direct first hand experience of being hit by snow on my face and the chilly wind sweeping through my hair! It was priceless! Yet intimidating. For a person who used to wrap up in blankets at 13 °C, it wasn’t easy to adapt to temperatures as low as -30°C.

However the miracles of the human body made me cope up and finally get used to the harsh winters with layers of clothing to keep myself warm. The beauty of this transition was that I learned to acknowledge the weather changes very much. Checking the weather forecast has become the first thing I do every morning. I eagerly wait for Spring and Summer during the winters and yearn for Fall colors during the summers. Though snowy winters are beyond beautiful, they are still not my favorite. But they made me realize the importance of sunlight. My cravings for a sunny morning make me appreciate the very basic existence of sunshine and it’s value, which I never really acknowledged for the most part of my life. I realized that Weather is also the most common and easiest way to start a conversation with a stranger. Thus a very non-existent and ignored phenomenon according to me like the climatic change has finally made me realize and appreciate the value it brings to our lives.


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