#AtoZChallenge- Yours Truly

An open letter to my 20 year old self:

Dear 20 year old self,

First of all, congratulations for making it this far! This 20 year old journey of yours has been remarkable. You’ve worked hard enough to reach your academic goals. I know that you are currently working towards your next one on the checklist-a good job. Well great! I highly appreciate your zeal and seriousness in life in this aspect. Though I appreciate your clear vision on what to do next, I also noticed your attitude of trying to get done with crucial things and then anticipate time for enjoyment or relaxation. It’s good to take seriousness in working towards something, but waiting for the end of it and then think about what really fascinates you is mere foolishness! I know I sound rude, but the fact is there will never be time for you to try or do anything your passionate about. I know you never studied just for the heck of it, I know you enjoyed your educational journey thus far. But my dear, life isn’t always about clearing exams or accomplishing goals with the view of seeing the light at the end of tunnel. 

The best time is NOW. You don’t have to wait to be happy only after attaining a job. Failing at an interview shouldn’t be a hindrance to your joy. Thinking about what others think about you is definitely none of your business! I know how much you hate failure, but remember this- irrespective of how hard you work, you WILL fail in the future. It may be your career, your relationship or health. Sometimes, nothing will go on as you expect, nothing will favor you. Knowing that failure is a part of life should make you take it easier. But the biggest and the greatest knack of survival in this world is to just know one thing- Have faith. Blind faith, no matter what happens. After all, failures teach the best lessons!

 I know that you feel as if you are at the crux of your life. You feel that your decisions now might be the final ones and the consequences are all dependent on this crucial phase of now. But trust me, you will be feeling this way throughout your life. Every year will feel like a crucial one. So take it easy and let go off things, people or situations that don’t matter. Last but not the least, DO NOT ever take anything for granted, because you may not have all this in the future. Even if you have much more than now, never forget this! Keep this in mind, ALWAYS have faith and you’ll be much better than you’ve ever been!

– Yours truly,

   Your wiser, saner self


4 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge- Yours Truly

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  2. CRD

    You’re right…Keeping the good things in life off for later can go in vain, because none of us can ever guarantee that there will ever be a tomorrow in the first place. We need to balance our lives and make time for both work as well aa leisure.

    Keep writing.

    Do drop by mine.



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