#AtoZChallenge- Visualization 

Visualization is a great way to improve the path to success and to make it easier to achieve our aspirations and goals. It has the power to subconsciously make us stronger and more inclined towards achieving  what we strive for. Visualization is nothing but a process of visualizing something that we want to gain or become. Apart from working hard, visualizing that perfect shot if you’re a sportsperson, that ideal weight if you’re struggling to lose weight or that dream house if you’re planning to build one, will lead to higher rates of success in your chosen path!

The power of visualization is directly linked to our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind processes our thoughts in images, hence visualizing in imagery highly boosts our subconscious mind to grasp and store. This aligns your thoughts and your actions, both consciously and unconsciously towards your goal. There are various ways of visualizing what you aim for. Constantly imagining your success is one way, whereas developing images and making sure you look at those images so well and frequently, that they are captured in your subconscious mind is another way.

The second method proves to be more efficient as you are making sure to stick to one kind of imagery, instead of a bunch of random images floating inside your head. This can be achieved by Vision Boards. These appear to sound like they’re ineffective, but the fact is most of us have no idea how much they help in making us focus on what we want to achieve. Vision boards make our visions come to life and this is no joke. We’ll have to paste pictures and quotes of our goals on a board or a chart. For instance, paste pictures of a dream house, a dream vacation destination, picture of your favorite actress or role model whose body you’d like to achieve, your dream car, dream university, the list could go endless. Place this vision board full of your vision imagery or dream pictures at a location where you tend to look at often. May be at your desk or hang it on the wall opposite to where you work, the idea is to keep looking at it quite often. This makes our subconscious mind capture these images and makes us feel good and motivated whenever we think about them. This motivation drives your focus towards your goal to be achieved amidst all the clutter.

Scrap books are similar to vision boards. You could paste your to-be accomplished images in your scrap book and look at them everyday before you go to sleep. This helps with your subconscious mind storage and the generated positive energy will pave way for positive reactions from your side to work towards your goal. Does cutting and pasting images in a scrap book sound something familiar to you as a kid? Just like how kids paste pictures of their favorite cartoon characters or cars or toys and keep yearning to want them, is what exactly we as adults forget to do. We forget to have blind faith and endless hope, without any doubts and fears inside our head. It is not immatured or uncool to do something like this, as the fact is, it works! Because the universe loves and helps people who are childlike. Now go bring that child out of you again!

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