#AtoZChallenge- Uber

Uber conversations are sometimes like a breath of fresh air, surprisingly enlightening and sometimes, even a life saver! Ben was having a hard day, he had to leave his car at the service center after it broke down. He requested for a ride on Uber and waited helplessly at the auto service. He notice a white Lexus car approaching and realized it’s the Uber driver Jack. He gets in..

Jack: Hey there Ben? How’re you doing?

Ben: Hey, how’s it going?

Jack: Heading Downtown?

Ben: Yup

Jack: How was your day?

Ben: Mmm…, wasn’t great. My car broke down, had to leave it at the auto service.

Jack: Oh no! Was it that bad? 

Ben: Well yeah, should be done by tomorrow. Until then Uber it is!

Jack: Haha, Cool! So what do you do?

Ben: I’m into Digital Marketing and I work for…., sorry I used to work. Recently I lost my job as they had to cut down resources.

Jack: I’m so sorry, that’s too bad. Was it all off a sudden?

Ben: Well, technically yeah. They gave us a heads up before two days that we could expect lay offs. But that wasn’t of much help.

Jack: Hmmm, so currently looking for a job?

Ben: Yeah, job hunting. Gave a few interviews but still waiting to hear back. Can you please take left here?

Jack: Oh sure, the GPS on the app wasn’t taking me left, sorry about that!

Ben: Haha, that’s alright! You can stop here.

Jack: Alrighty. Hey Ben.., I have a…small Digital Marketing firm, may be you can find something that interests you. 

Ben: Oh that’s great!!

Jack: Here’s my card, give me a call and later we can set up an interview for you if interested.

Ben: Oh, thanks a lot Jack! Will surely give you call, thank you very much for the offer!

Jack: No problem man! Have a good night!

Ben: Sure I will! Good night and see you soon! 


6 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge- Uber

  1. Nice little story. Apologies for not reading quite a few of your posts. Glad to see you are taking the challenge to the end, even though it is May now. #NeverGiveUp and #NeverVanish! 👌👌

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    1. No issues at all!! The guilt is mutual, I have a lot of catching up to do with your posts as well! I wasn’t able to keep up with the schedule myself!So, was still posting in May 😀 But finally I’m done, though a bit late. And yes, that hashtag is specifically for me, I won’t vanish this time! 😀
      Will keep posting more of art work at least 🙂

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      1. Maybe your next post could be titled, “Mutual Guilt : How To Write More To Feel Less Bad.” 😝😝
        The important thing is that despite your schedule and April morphing into May, you didn’t give up. You are a survivor, again. That is wonderful.😀
        I look forward to your being regular here. 😊


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  3. This one caught my attention because I’ve driven for Uber and also found conversations with riders to be very interesting. I even thought about using it for the letter U. Some of those last letters have very few words to work with… I was glad your story ended the way it did.

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