Magic of the Mind- #AtoZChallenge


Mind: A beautiful servant, a dangerous master – OSHO

This blog came to life with my intention to emphasize the power of psyche or the human mind. I cannot stress enough about the influence the mind can have on one’s life. Every aspect of the very existence on this planet is an outcome of one such human mind. It has the capacity to think above and beyond anything real. Every revolution or the mind boggling advancements in technology are mere examples of the greatness of the human mind. While the world is busy with the wildest and the craziest inventions, a normal person like you and me, often fail to realize this influential element within ourselves.

Whatever good or bad is happening to our lives, it is an outcome of how our psyche functions. The good part- We are bestowed with the ability to tune our mind and our thought process to make our lives better. The worst part- Our ignorance of this very fact or the laid back attitude of considering it trivial. It’s never too late to willingly change anything we wish to about ourselves. All it needs is the magic of the mind!

Determination is a gift! The greatest gift anyone can ever have. A determined mind has the power to overcome and achieve anything and everything. It is definitely not as easy as it sounds. Determination has to be born out of weird madness and stubbornness. There will always be something that we want or can get better at. But our inability to stay motivated and determined for the very change, makes our life miserable. How many times have you wished to change some aspect of yourself, yet failed? How many instances have you tried being happy, but felt happiness never came to you? How many times have you prayed to get you out of your troubles? There can be innumerable examples that portray the lack of mental strength to overcome agony or stay determined. Strong will power needs stubbornness to practice it over and over again, despite failing to do so. Again, the mind is the flexible tool here that needs to be put into practice.

Enough is said or read about being positive. Anyone with a depressed mind or a hurt soul has definitely read or heard about being positive. Because that is when we are weak and try different ways to overcome pain. ‘Stay positive’ always sounded impossible to me. Not everyone can really think and act positive all the time. Even this needs intense determination and practice.

Happiness is not an outcome of favourable situations happening to us. But a state of mind that can be controlled and achieved. External factors do not determine happiness, our mind does. I see live examples of people who are not rich monetarily, but live happily. While the real wealthy people are always craving for something more from life. The difference is not money here, but their state of mind. Their mind’s ability to count blessings and lead a content life. Even the rich can attain this, by making up their mind to practice gratitude, before it’s too late. Rich here may not necessarily mean monetary wealthiness, but having anything worthy enough!

The mind is always an answer to every problem, irrespective of other factors. Tuning it for self improvement or turning into it’s slave for sorrow is definitely in our own hands!

13 thoughts on “Magic of the Mind- #AtoZChallenge

  1. Sub-concious theming continues my friend…the mind at work if you like, which rather ties in nicely with your post. States of mind are highly complex and subject to collections of memories and experience that influence outcomes. An up observant mind might be bent either way there and not being mindful can lead to the dark side before one realises. I suspect there is a good element of genetic pre-disposition on that one too couple with nurture. That said the brain is a wonderful thing…pathways can be re-written and things re-learnt. A sad mind retrained or a happy one turned. It takes but a moment for the latter so I guess the lesson is live for today. Tomorrow might change things.

    Good grief how ‘M’ for Morbid was that πŸ€’

    Great post as usual 😊

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    1. Haha.. I agree that states of mind are highly complex and can be influenced by various factors! Living in the present also needs enough tuning of the mind, which is not easy πŸ™„ Thanks again for your valuable insights! You can never stop to amuse me! πŸ˜‡

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      1. They are in healthy individuals….however the zombies amongst us have possibly a devolved internal network that prevents free will from lending a hand in decision making. These are the sort that like politicians or strange folk with agendas that are a but, well, extreme. One thing minds seem vulnerable to (my opinion) is indoctrination. Be it religion, political, alliegiance to a cause. Not that any of these things are necessarily bad but as a child I once asked my gramps amidst the whole family…why he always voted a particular way in elections. The whole room went silent as eyes turned in disbelief a child had the audacity to question the natural order of things… The answer was ‘because we always do.” Nods of satisfaction all round…except me…because that’s not an answer really is it. Indoctrinated zombie minds type of thing…no reasoning is because Insay it is…school report, could do better.

        Of course now I wonder what sort of “present” they dwell in…do they perceive reality differently…are zombie minds happier or living in a zone akin to the resilience encountered when someone had the audacity to suggest the world, might not, in fact…be flat at all. I imagine that was met by vast denial followed by a lot of running about waving arms and pretending to be headless chickens. πŸ€”

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      2. Wow! That was awesome! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ Very true, the zombies in us never cease to exist. The instance you mentioned clearly states what the problem is. Again, I think many factors influence our minds and decisions. It’s a complex world outside which makes it even more complex from within πŸ€• hope we can develop a way to subside the zombie minds.

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      3. I ramble lots…now and then it might even make sense 😁 Although on that subject I have thought a great deal about since that question was poised by mini me. It is a complex world but as individuals we must challenge POV’s all the time…question and evolve that or….the zombie within will start decorating….scary thought that πŸ™ƒ

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      4. It does? Then you are equally disturbed…in fact several people claim I am funny…which is a viscous lie…believe them not…ooh viscous or vicious…I rather think they both work…viscous lie…you know that works for me…where was I…not funny ..yes, I mean no ..I’m not….but to understand me…all I can come up with is tea parties, hats and a hare…not to mention a Doormouse and an Alice…everyone coin a phrase…is bonkers 😜

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  2. AURAWITHWRITING – Read some of your posts by sheer coincidence today and I couldn’t help but let you know, sometimes it feels like reading my own thought process in somebody else’s words – the brother from another mother kinds feeling πŸ™‚ Simple, straightforward work. Keep writing. Best wishes.

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