Lesson Learned-A Lazy Lass’s Tale: #AtoZChallenge


March, 2000

Mia was busy switching channels on TV while lying on the couch. She just got home from school after giving an examination. As she kept restlessly shifting from one channel to the other, she heard the door get unlocked. It was her mother, who was home after a hectic day at work. “Make me something to eat. I’m hungry and I’ve got lots to study for tomorrow!”, yelled Mia. “Okay dear!”, replied her mother, sighing at her 15 year old. Mia was least bothered to make a sandwich herself as she was lethargic. Nor was she concerned about her mom’s busy day. All she would think about was about the test, the next day. Her mother ran into the kitchen for a quickie, so that her studious daughter could eat and get back to her mission of acheiving good grades.

The next morning, Mia’s mom was busy packing lunches for her dependents who don’t consider multi tasking a big deal. “Mom! Where are my hair clips?? I can’t find them here!”, screamed Mia from the bathroom. “Look for them on the table, I saw them lying there last night”, answered her mom, sans any grumbling. Mia was not only lazy enough to find the assets for her mane, but also seemed inconsiderate of how hard it was every morning for her mother.

August, 2005

Mia was now in college. She grew up to be a smart and matured woman. She very well realizes how much work her parents put in for the family. She appreciates her mom’s sacrifice every morning. One night her mom fell sick and her dad was out of town. Mia was upset about her mom’s health and had to take the responsibility of chores. She was willing to take good care of her mother, but her lethargy dominated her willingness to cook or do the household chores. She pacified her mom saying, “I’ll order food and let the maid do the dishes and chores tomorrow.” Mia’s mom had no complains about her daughter not helping her, but was worried about her laziness. She was concerned about her future, as someday she would have a family of her own to take care of! 

December, 2009

Mia had bigger plans. She moved to another country for her higher education. Her parents never stopped approving her decisions, but were concerned about her survival on a foreign land. 

Mia is now living independently and has many responsibilities. She needs to attend school, do her assignments, work part-time, cook, do chores as well as pay bills. She enjoyed her new newly found independence. But once past the honeymoon stage, she realized the pain her parents have been going through for years. Best part was that they never considered it to be hard to manage their family. They enjoyed their responsibilities. Mia is now finding it difficult to manage everything she has to, as she was never used to! Multi tasking is alien to her. After a long day, she needs to cook her own meal. She has to go to work on the day of an examination. She needs to keep a track of all the bills and their due dates. She repents, she curses herself for being lazy all her life, as she is unable to relish this independent life of her’s. She hopes to get used to this newly found lifestyle with time.

Why didn’t you ever order me to do things? Life now would have been so much easier!”,Mia whines. “But I learned my lesson!”, she continues, each time she calls home.


22 thoughts on “Lesson Learned-A Lazy Lass’s Tale: #AtoZChallenge

  1. Double the Monkey Business

    Great post. We never realise what our parents are going through until we are older and suddenly have these responsibilities #atozchallenge x

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  2. Idle minds, now laziness…are you theming a bit…will ‘p’ be prevaricating 😁

    Good chronological flow of time and the impact of learning not to do things early on. I fear for much of today’s younglings on that aspect. Too easy to go global on games or videos and take the easy path rather than set aside and do real things. I fear future tech will make virtual reality so good, outside life will seem bad by comparison. Gone will be the days of walking in the rain, camping, fishing or learning as per your post. All hail The Matrix….

    Must take those sanity pills today πŸ€”

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    1. Exactly! I wonder if people will ever enjoy a sunset or a walk in the rain as you said. They would enjoy watching those in their virtual world rather! I don’t envision a bright future anymore. Those days are gone!!
      And the theming thing is happening unconsciously 😁 I never planned to. It’s just happening. I hope I can complete the challenge though! 😊

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      1. Have to admit, I ponder that a lot. Where is society going. Rising MH problems tied in with growing numbers of people struggling it’s weight gain and yet the world and technology is making lives more sedentary with advertising that tries to indoctrinate how we think, what we buy, what we eat, what we must strive to look like… And we are delivered the illusion that we all have free will… End result…zombies already walk amongst us…either that or I’m uber cynical on Saturday mornings πŸ€”
        Don’t forget the ultimate reason for completing it….if you fail you have to do it again next year with me 😁

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      2. Hmm, so doing it again is not a threat to avert failing to complete this time. I must reconsider this lest it does not have the desired motivational stimulus. Not worried about next year?? How can yiu bit be? I am and I know you will finish this one which….oooh….that lets me off doesn’t it ?? Stuck with promots just shout..I inow you can finish…go you πŸ‘»

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      3. Hoo hrmm (ENT noise) bigger is not always better….jury is out….although your previous advice prevents prevaricating now…so all Inwill say is eeeek πŸ€”

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      4. It is….but it’s lacking confidence….too risquΓ© in places and I’m not sure that’s me…well my style….but then the whole book isn’t so it’s a bit experimental on my writing…maybe not the best launch to go with but it’s virtually done….well no…not virtually…cos it is real…not pretend….as virtual implies….words are weird πŸ™ƒ

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      5. It’s terrifying….it’s even got me setting up a Stumble Upon account which, since I know as much about the as Twitter kind of makes me a Stumbling Twit now 😱


  3. It’s a story for us to reflect on and many parents don’t instill discipline and a sense of independence in their children. The protection cocoon is a bane. But, glad that Mia has realized and found her true sense by living abroad.

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    1. So true! Especially in India, the protection factor is both a boon and bane. Discipline is not given much thought of. Even, if it’s hard at younger age, children will definitely appreciate once they are older. Thank you very much for your thoughts! 😊


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