Judgemental Jungle – #AtoZChallenge


Did you look at her size? Wonder what she eats!”

“He hardly talks. He is so boring!”

“They are a bunch of party poopers. Better not invite them!”

“He is one of those, ‘know it all’ types.”

She’s been divorced twice. How is she ready for another marriage?!

Judging is a part of natural instincts for homo sapiens. It comes so naturally and effortlessly to humans, that they don’t even realize it to be an area of concern. Because it’s so easy. All they need to do is just rub their so-called morals and perspectives over other’s principles that are contrary. And if they don’t like it, they can atleast judge it! 

It takes immense maturity and open mindedness to not judge someone based on what is seen, perceived or felt. The vibes received from a person, may not actually signify their personality and existence. Each one has a remarkable story of survival in this sapient, civilized jungle. Not everyone has the strength to sustain, hence the pretense. 

Thinking and empathizing by steping into other’s shoes is considered a pain. Oh, wait, do we even ‘consider’ stepping into other’s shoes? May be not always. Being judgemental can only limit one’s capability of self growth and improvement. Assuming what we see or apprehend to be always right can be foolishness in disguise.

Someone assumed to be boring, is actually a great entertainer among people he/she is comfortable with. A girl’s excessive weight may be because of her suffering from hormonal imbalance and not over eating. A person considered to be ‘know it all’, may only find happiness in sharing their knowledge, with no intention of showing off as they are presumed to be. People who are labeled as party poopers, may only wish to overcome their social awkwardness. A woman divorced twice for reasons unknown, may actually have had a hard time making a decision of getting re married.

When every individual  is trying their best to conceal their scars, it only needs a tiny bit of consideration to embrace each other’s growth. 

Never judge a book by it’s cover!