Idle Intellect- #AtoZChallenge


Ever wondered how successful people are actually successful? How do they do it? Does it come naturally to them? Are they fortunate for the right opportunity? Is it hard work? Or is it mere luck?

Whatever might be the reason for their taste of success, their ability to sustain it, is only because they are never idle. From the innumerable success stories, if there is one takeaway that is common, it has to be their ability to never quit and never remain idle. A successful sportsman does not stop practicing his/her sport after a win. A writer or an artist does not put an end to their creative ability once they attain their big break. A successful entrepreneur does not stop digging for new ideas all over again. Is it easy? Of course not! It requires lot of effort, discipline. This is what separates successful people from the ordinary.

While most of us take the privilege of labeling success to mere luck/ opportunity/ intelligence, we fail to realize the amount of work that goes in to accomplish and maintain success. Each one of us are gifted in some or the other way. Most of us strive through our initial days of youth for a living. Once we develop a sense of settlement, we tend to go easy on our lives. We feel the need for being idle for a while, the need for break. Well, taking a break from your busy routine or a vacation is no sin. The break here is the long term interruption. Taking a break from your job or daily routine is no big deal but utilizing that break to keep your mind engaged is necessary.

Take time to garden, pursue your interests, learn some form of art that you’ve been struggling to learn for years, focus on your fitness regime. Do anything and everything, but don’t stay idle. Idleness can be more dreadful than it appears to be. It leads our intellectual minds to open the gates of depression. We may encounter unnecessary thoughts of hopelessness, dissatisfaction and unwanted comparisons. A feeling of emptiness is all that the mind needs to lower one’s self- esteem. A break should be an opportunity to improve one’s intellect and not degrade it.

Nothing in life comes easy. Everything requires nurturing. The mind is no different. Even the smartest and the most intelligent minds, fail to keep up their intellect when they are bitten by the idle bug. With idleness, we tend to lose our ability to be good at something that we were once adept at. Keeping the mind engaged is also one of the best ways to cope up depression. It is a great way to stay distracted from an otherwise jaded and wretched mind.

Keep the mind engaged, because an idle mind is a devil’s workshop!