Hakuna Matata

My very first post on the blog, wanted to start off on a positive note.  “HAKUNA MATATA- What a wonderful phrase?!” This was the very first line I ever understood while watching an English film. This being a song from Disney’s animated feature ”The Lion King”, my first movie in English, a film which even the next few generations would love to watch! I was barely 6 years old, to understand the actual lyrics of the song. But yes, I did get those few words that I mentioned. As I at least realized that the phrase ‘Hakuna Matata’ was not English!

I grew up watching this movie, as it has always been my favorite. As years pass by, I knew what the song was about and this phrase has  played a pivoted role in my life. ‘Hakuna Matata’ means “No Worries” for the rest of your days. It is a Swahili phrase literally translated as,  ”There are no worries”.  A phrase which gives positive energy whenever I am down. The biggest disease on earth which destructs or tears us apart is the five letter word ‘WORRY”. This word has the power to engulf even the strongest and the wealthiest human on the planet! It is a disease. Yes it is! The most harmful than any of those dangerous (as we feel) physical ailments.  It hurts you, ruins you, tears you apart, breaks you down, destroys you and even kills you! The deadliest of all, it has the tendency to multiply when given more importance. According to me, the biggest challenge one has in his/her life is to fight ‘Worry’. As the phrase goes “Those who do not know how to fight worry die young”, gives a total insight one needs to have in his/her life. No matter what we were, or what we are, ”Worry ” haunts us! There are many solutions to our problems but this very state of mind doesn’t let us find one. The essence of life is to live it! As Dale Carnegie said, Shut the iron doors of the past and never bother about the metal curtains of the future, live in day-tight compartments”. Cherish every moment, you never know where you will be tomorrow.  Be yourself, love being yourself, love what you are doing. After all, what you are today is because of what you did yesterday. Finally the panacea for the word ‘WORRY’ is the word ‘HAKUNA MATATA’. “It means no worries for the rest of your days. Its our problem-free-philosophy!

HAKUNA MATATA.” (Lyrics from an amazing Disney movie- The Lion King)

Hey! Are you worrying?? Just say “Hakuna Matata!!”

And trust me, You’ll feel great! 🙂