#AtoZChallenge- Genuineness

Jack is a very straightforward person with nothing much to hide. He practices what he preaches and he means every word he utters. He is someone who isn’t uncomfortable to be himself, someone who doesn’t hold up grudges within and acts normal on the outside. When Jack meets people, he doesn’t try to impress them nor does he try to seek their attention. He tries to be himself and does not portray what he isn’t. When people try to strike a conversation with him, he is often considered rude and arrogant, as he does not respond the way people expect him to do. He is nice to people he likes and sacrifices for people he loves. But when he isn’t into someone, he appears cold and ill mannered. Thus, in return he seldom gets a warm response. But he doesn’t care.

Jim on the other hand is a people’s person. He loves to talk and be around people. No matter what he thinks of someone inside, he always has a broad smile on the outside. He has the ability to start and engage in conversations. He doesn’t mind to make up things or recite false fables just to get his mission accomplished. He makes sure he doesn’t hurt people irrespective of his honesty. He is great at convincing people even though he has different intentions. He never fails to impress with his tactics. People have no clue of what kind of a person he actually is, as they get too mesmerized by his portrayed personality.

The world is full of Jacks and Jims. Though Jack is someone real and genuine, he is often misunderstood. But the world loves and trusts Jim. Because the world is mislead by bling and genuineness is no longer valid.