#AtoZChallenge- Crush Chronicle

The semester just began and Ria was excited to be back in college with her friends. Her first year of engineering was going good with lots of fun and frolic. Though she was surrounded with friends experiencing and enjoying puppy love, Ria never really felt the need for it, nor met any guy who made her crave for it.

One fine monday afternoon, Ria accompanied by her gang of friends, was heading towards the Electronics building from the IT department for lab sessions. As they walked away bantering, Ria noticed someone who caught her attention. A fine looking guy laughing off at his friend’s jokes as he stood with a record in his hands. His eyes sparkled as he laughed and the dark checkered shirt on his fair skin, only made him stand out of the lot. Ria couldn’t take her eyes off from what she just saw. His smile was like a breath of fresh air, which beamed innocence, yet full of charm. As she drifted away staring at him, she wondered, “Who is this guy? How come I haven’t seen him all these days?” During the lab sessions, she did not be her usual self. Her mind was filled with images of him and and his smile. She could neither get over her sight of the charming guy nor concentrate on the lab work.

She came to know that he was also a first year student from Electronics department. Ever since, each time she passed through that building, she hoped to get a glimpse of him. Days passed, semesters passed, but she never dared to approach him. She noticed him throwing a glance at her once in a while and each time she saw him looking at her, her heart skipped a beat. Just like every other college mate, they became Facebook friends, but Ria never dared to ping him.

As time flew by, Ria enjoyed glimpses of her charming guy every now and then, but made sure it didn’t disturb her to much extent. Each time she stared at him, “Please come into my life at some point, when I’m in my happy place, with nothing much to think about, but you”, she whole heatedly wished. Ria knew her priorities and by the time she reached her final year, she shifted her focus on future plans and employment.

Two years passed since graduation. Ria is now a Software Engineer in one of the nation’s top IT firms and is leading a busy life. She completed her training and is currently posted in Bangalore. After passing the hectic training period with flying colors, Ria is now having the time for her life! She loves her job, is completely joyful, devoid of any sorts of stress and is savoring every bit of her independence.

One Friday, Ria was travelling home from work and just like everyday, she started browsing her social media feed. She noticed she had a Facebook message notification staring at her. She went ahead to open it, and what she saw was something she never expected at that moment!

A ‘Hi’ from her charming guy!! “Wow! After all these years?!! He knows me?! He remembers me?!!” she cried out of elation. That message made her day. Her joy knew no bounds and she could feel her heartbeat racing. After she finished cherishing her ‘magical’ message moment, she replied back. The next thing she knew, she was engrossed in a conversation, so much that they exchanged numbers and continued chatting until midnight.

The next weeks were the most cherished for Ria. Endless waits for a beep on the phone, constant texting and blushing became a part of her daily routine. Then one day all of sudden, she receives a text.

Ria, I’ve been waiting to tell you this for years. I have a serious crush on you since college, but I couldn’t approach you back then for various reasons. I will be in Bangalore next week for a conference, would you like to meet sometime? :)”

Law of Attraction Takeaway–  Focus intensely on your affirmations in the present and let go. Do not think about it too much, as too much focus leads to confusion and raises unwanted doubts, which negates the affirmation. Releasing implies your complete trust that universe has taken over your affirmation and you will expect the results when you most need it!

Make a wholehearted affirmation and release it to the universe. This confirms your complete trust and belief in the Law of Attraction. Because greater the belief and trust, better the results!


Evoked…Again!| Winter Musings

Every winter evokes a nostalgic state of mind which takes me back to 2014. For most part of my life I enjoyed winter, as all it meant was an opportunity to wear sweatshirts and of course the holidays! But my stint with a real, freezing white winter was experienced when I first landed in the United States. It was the month of December in 2013. My friend and I were nervous as much as excited while heading out from the airport. Though we had an idea of what to expect from a Midwestern winter based on our research during grad school applications, we weren’t really cold tolerant people.

As I stepped out, I noticed traces of snow here and there, but less than what I imagined. The chilly breeze through my hair was a feeling I would never forget, as it is still fresh in my mind after 4 good years! After all, that was my first feel of Nebraskan winter. Within few days, we had good amount of snow and just like many, I enjoyed my time with my first snow.

The honeymoon stage with my snow experience was over pretty soon and thus came the hard part. A 26- minute walk to my apartment every Tuesday and Thursday night after class was the toughest part of my masters program in the States. Yes, I wouldn’t ascribe my hardships in a foreign country to a hectic schedule, busy lifestyle, never ending assignments, homesickness or the tough coursework, but to a bone chilling torture of winter walking with heavy backpacks, freezing palms and feet that almost feel numb and dead by the time you reach home! Not to forget the foggy glasses as a result of my thermal face mask. All this in spite of wearing four layers of clothing with heavy jackets, gloves, beanie and boots!  The privilege of not having a car! But yes, it was HARD!!! Those moments were the only times I felt like running away, the time I missed home and family real bad.

The same scenes repeated each time we went walking to a nearby Walmart. Nothing is as close by as you think when you walk on a freezing winter evening with temperatures falling below -30 C, carrying tons of grocery bags! Phew! (in a cold way) I think most international students can relate to this if they lived in colder places. But it was definitely intense for someone who used to cuddle up in a fluffy blanket just for tropical winters!

I still have a love/hate relationship with winter, but amidst all my hatred for spine chilling cold winds, there was and is one thing I crave for- Sunshine! Yes, who would’ve thought I’d really crave for something so basic- like sun rays! To feel the warmth in a way I never felt all those years back home. It made me realize the need and existence of light and heat from sun.

Now, I’m glad to be in a position where I no longer need to walk miles for groceries or any place else on a winter evening, but winters do evoke my cravings for sunlight! They made me notice and acknowledge a blessing I never really cared about. No matter how much winter reminds of my hardships during my early encounters with it, it definitely made me grateful and reminds me to get out and get my daily dose of Vitamin D!

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Look Out the Window

I’m excited to share that I’ll be starting this new series on the blog called the Doodling Series. Art and doodles are like my long lost companions. Though writing is something I’ve been doing for the past few years, art has always been my first love. After ignoring my love for doodling and painting for over two decades, I finally decided to get back and try my hand at them. My recent posts on zentangle were the outcomes of this effort. Now with the doodling series, I intent to attain the motivation to draw, sketch or doodle. Though these doodles won’t be flawless, my intention is to observe the improvement or betterment as I move forward with the series.

I shall continue to write, but posting a doodle once in a while on the blog wouldn’t cause harm I feel 🙂

Look out the window

Growing up has lesser perks to life than we expect as a child. As a kid, we crave to grow up faster to escape the hassles of NOT being an adult. But only when we get to adulthood do we realize how ignorant we really were as a kid! Life and its experiences teach us many things, but at the same time, we tend to lose some of the most valuable sensibilities we had as a child. Few among them are the wonder, curiosity and the ability to wish and dream.  Continue reading “Look Out the Window”