#AtoZChallenge- Felicitous Food

Daniel rushed out of his apartment, while tying his shoe lace. He was in a hurry to make it to the bus stop on time. But as usual, by the time he reached the stop, he watched the bus pass away helplessly. Curses of not being a morning person he thought. Though it was noon, Daniel wasn’t awake since long that day. His late night assignments and project work with school keep him busy during the nights. He craves for those extra hours of sleep during the weekends, but his part time job on Saturdays won’t let him.

The midday sun was beaming with scorching heat. Daniel had no other way but walk for 20 minutes sweating in the sun, so he could make it to work on time. He worked as a part time student worker at the Department of Public Administration, where he helped with mailing public research survey booklets and some data entry.

After tanning himself for quite a while, he made it to his work place. Puffing and panting, drained in sweat, the walk made him extremely tired and hungry. His daily routine of waking up late and skipping breakfast did no good to him. As he entered his department and walked towards his room, he noticed the conference hall to be packed with people dressed in professional attires. Though it was highly unlikely for the building to be busy or even witness people around on the weekends, that day was an exception. He paused for a moment to understand what the hustle was all about and realized it was a National Level Conference with people from different parts of the country. As he kept watching people swarm through the conference hall, he could not help but notice the continuous chain of never ending tables laid with buffet chafing dishes.

Since it was almost lunch time, the dishes were open and he got a good glance of the items being served as the dishes had names written in big bold letters. Soups, Sauteed vegetables, different kinds of breads, salads, pasta, all kinds of sea food and meats, fruits, desserts. All so appealing and appetizing he thought as they made his mouth water. Unfortunately, he did not have the whole day for himself to drool over the food he was watching as he was late for work already! With a heavy heart, he bid good bye to his visionary feast and wished with a full heart and an empty stomach, “I wish I ate such a scrumptious and grand meal with never ending options!”

He got to his desk and began his work of putting together research survey booklets. His mind was preoccupied with the marvelous sight of the rich, vibrant buffet. That very thought tripled his hunger and made him crave for food much more. He tried hard to brush off this discomfort form hunger by involving more at work.

It was 2 p.m and Daniel was still working with an empty stomach. The cafeteria at school was closed on the weekends and all he could eat was from a vending machine if he wanted. Neither did he want to eat a thing from the machine, nor could he bear the noises his tummy made.  Half hour passed and Daniel was busy stuffing survey booklets into the envelopes. As he pasted the address labels on one of the envelopes, he heard a shrill voice of a lady by the door of his room:

Excuse me! Hi, I’m one of the organizers from the conference down the hall. We have a lot of food from the buffet and we are inviting all the organizers and people working in this building to join us for late lunch or a snack! Please come and help yourself!”, she requested with a warm smile.

Daniel was elated! He was extremely glad as he hardly knew his wish of having a scrumptious meal would come true so soon, so appropriately, just when he was starving!!

Oh sure, I’ll join you! Thank you so much, that’s very kind!”, Daniel replied with a glee on his face, though he made sure he wasn’t obvious that he was craving for food.

Daniel enjoyed the wide varieties of the buffet spread and was thankful for not only satisfying his dream of a grand meal but also to satisfy his hunger at the exact need of hour! “Sometimes, empty stomachs teach greater life lessons!”, he thought enjoying his grateful meal.

Law of Attraction Takeaway–  No manifestation is small. No wish is minor. The universe works wonders starting from little things. Having help at the time of need, being offered food when you’re starving are also a result of law of attraction. Looking back on such instances in your life and feeling grateful, not only makes you happy but also inculcates the necessary trust in the law of attraction!

Start with manifesting little things. Acknowledging the most minute of instances imbibes the trust that law of attraction is real 



#AtoZChallenge- Eye-Opener

“I wouldn’t recommend this!”, stated the consultant pointing his finger at one of the bullet items on the list. “Why not?!”, Robin exclaimed. “Your scores are no where close to the minimum scores for such a reputed school. Carnegie Mellon is too ambitious”, the consultant brushed off. “Hmmm, fine. I’ll do some more research on the list of schools you recommended for my profile. Will get back to you in a day or two”, Robin sighed and walked away.

Robin is a hardworking, ambitious kid who just passed out of high school. His SAT scores were pretty good, but he realized not good enough to get into his dream school. Robin wanted to go to Carnegie Mellon. After all he has been hearing wonderful stories about it since childhood from his uncle, who graduated from CMU. His uncle’s tales made him develop a fascination about life at a grad school.

Hey Bud! Wassup?!”, his uncle answered over the phone. “I just came to know that I can’t get into CMU”, Robin said softly. “What? Why not? Who told you that?!”  “The consultant. He says my scores are low”, Robin paused.  “I think I’m not good enough”, he added. “Hey! Listen Bud… Never criticize yourself. There is nothing you cannot get into. A great statement of purpose would do wonders irrespective of scores. So focus on writing a good SOP, on why you’re passionate about technology and why you want to go to CMU”, his uncle replied. “So you think I got a chance? Should I apply?”, Robin asked. “Of course! You should”, his uncle assured.

After the pep talk from his uncle, Robin swiftly went to his computer and started browsing Carnegie Mellon University’s official website. He spent hours browsing through the pictures, the facilities, their innovative research, their course catalogs, events and life at CMU posts from alumni for hours. As days passed, he expanded his research outside their website and scrolled through blogs on life at CMU, about student groups and activities, the opportunities, everything and anything related to CMU on the internet!

He also browsed through websites and course catalogs from the list of recommended schools by his consultant. No matter how many schools he looked at, he wasn’t really eager to get an admission there. But since he had to apply more than 1 school, he started putting together applications for four recommended schools and Carnegie Mellon. He wrote a strong Statement of purpose about his passion for technology and why he badly wanted to get into CMU, based on his uncle’s advice. His good research on the school made it easier for him. Thus he sent out applications for five schools.

The next few weeks, he spent day and night and dreaming about his life at CMU. Robin couldn’t get the different images of CMU he saw on the internet out of his mind. He imagined himself walking through the campus, playing his favorite sport on their fields, having a great time with friends, listening lectures in the very classrooms his uncle described and doing lab work in their state of the art research centers. His visualization was so clear that he could really feel and recognize his happiness of enjoying in the campus of CMU, though he was lying on his bed at home.

Two months later, letters regarding his applications started coming in. Though he got into two of the schools he expected, he got reject letters for two other schools, which came as a shock! They were neither as reputed as CMU nor were they ambitious enough for his profile. Robin began feeling the heat with this, though he never felt like attending those schools, he feared the thought of not making it to CMU either. But at the same time he could not stop himself from imagining himself in CMU. He preferred the temporary comfort he felt in imagining himself in his dream school rather than the panic he gained from worrying about the ‘what-if-not’!

A week later, “Robin, looks like you got an update from CMU!”, his mom called out. Robin ran down the stairs, snatched the envelope and ran back to his room. His heart started pounding as he swept his fingers through the words ‘Carnegie Mellon University’ on the envelope. He quickly opened the letter to read the first line:

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you’ve been granted admission to join Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science in Fall 2017′.

Robin was elated! He yelled his heart out! Though the program offered in his admission letter was different from the one he applied for, he couldn’t help but overlook, as he was extremely joyful to realize that he got into his dream school, irrespective of the program! This admit letter was an eye-opener for him, that anything is possible, as long as you believe and see yourself in the place you love!

Law of Attraction Takeaway–  The universe favors the brave! People who are brave enough to imagine themselves in places others tell they can never get to or doing things that others say they can never do! Imagination is not day dreaming, it is a powerful way to send out vibrations to the universe on how bad you want something.

The universe favors the brave! Be brave enough to imagine what you want, even when the world reminds you on how impossible it is!


#AtoZChallenge- Dream Destination


Are you done with your day dreaming yet?”, asked Roni as he watched his sister Adah fancy pictures of New York from a magazine. “I just can’t get over it. What a great city!”, Adah sighed while flipping pages. “What’s with this obsession lately?”, inquired Roni unable to understand his little sister’s fantasy. “You know, I watched Kal Ho Na Ho last week during my sleepover”, stated Adah. “So?”, Roni paused. “The whole movie was shot in New York! I mean I heard about it as the greatest city in the world, but man! Those magnificent buildings, the architecture, the people, their clothes. I so badly wish I walk around those streets, wearing long coats, with a coffee cup in my hand, just like the actress did in that movie”, she giggled. “Oh great! Enough about New York, think of your exam tomorrow”, shrugged Roni as he walked away.


Shall I apply for schools in New York?“, asked Adah, as she scrolled through the catalog of schools to apply for her masters program. “Would be too expensive for us”, said her brother, as usual dampening her spirits. “Okay”, she sighed.


Adah is pursuing her masters at a grad school in mid western United States. A school that offers great programs in her area of interest and also less expensive compared to universities in big cities. A year passed since she started school, but unfortunately, she wasn’t successful in finding a part time job, which made things hard financially.

With the arrival of October, all international students were busy planning their trip back home for Christmas. “Lucky people, they all have jobs”, she thought. Though she badly wished to visit her family, she dropped her travel plans as she couldn’t afford spending as much as $1500 just for air fare.

After a few weeks, she received a phone call late midnight. It was her best friend calling. “Hey! Were you sleeping?”, she asked. “What do you think people do during this hour”, Adah mocked.

Sorry, but I had to tell you this. You wanted to go to India for Christmas, didn’t you?”, she asked. “Yeah, but you know I can’t afford”, Adah hesitated.

Few of my friends found this deal, two-way fare to India for $370!”, she uttered. “370??!!! What the hell?! It sounds fishy and fake”, Adah asked surprised as she wasn’t sure about what she just heard.

I don’t think so, travel websites do this sometimes is what I heard. May be we could give it a try. If something’s wrong, we can always request a refund. If you want to book this, you need to ASAP!”

Well…. sounds okay, can I think and do it in the tomorrow?”, Adah was confused.

The deal might not last that long… and hey! I forgot to mention! This fare of  $370 is from New York, not your place. You will have to book domestic to New York and the fares look pretty reasonable, I already checked around your dates. Probably would be a good idea to book in advance, so we can do some sight seeing!”, her friend, who happens to live in the East Coast added.

New York!!!! Are you serious??!!!”, Adah jumped with excitement. Her drowsiness vanished in a jiffy! After some apprehension and calculations, “Well, the total fare for the entire round trip sounds very reasonable now. I get to see my family and visit New York at the same time. So hell yes!!”, she yelled.

Then comes December and Adah was finally in New York!! Her happiness was endless, she couldn’t believe she was standing in her most favorite city, which she has been dreaming about since childhood. Her best friend was generous enough to show her around and took her to most of the famous touristy places. Adah had goosebumps each time she looked up at the skyscrapers. She gazed at the architecture, the streets, people and relished the food she ate. She loved the vibe, the feel and realized it was just like she had imagined! She cherished every moment during her limited time in New York. Adah was extremely grateful for her favorite destination on the planet to be one of her first places to visit, since she arrived in the States.

I cannot thank you enough for all this! I visited New York and  now I’m off to visit my family after a year, both of which I never imagined to happen so soon! Thank you!!!”, Adah thanked her friend feeling extremely grateful. “Can’t wait to show Roni my pictures in New York!”, she giggled, as she made her way to the airport.

Law of Attraction Takeaway–  When you wish for something with all  your heart and soul, the universe paves way and moves circumstances, people and places to make things favorable for you, in order to accomplish your wish! There is magic all around! Good or bad, every incident in your life is a result of this magic. Sometimes, we get so lost in our day to day lives, we hardly recollect or acknowledge some of those magical moments.

The universe works wonders in the process of making your wish come true. Recognize and acknowledge these wonders, to instill your belief in the Law of Attraction.

And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – Paulo Coelho


#AtoZChallenge- Crush Chronicle

The semester just began and Ria was excited to be back in college with her friends. Her first year of engineering was going good with lots of fun and frolic. Though she was surrounded with friends experiencing and enjoying puppy love, Ria never really felt the need for it, nor met any guy who made her crave for it.

One fine monday afternoon, Ria accompanied by her gang of friends, was heading towards the Electronics building from the IT department for lab sessions. As they walked away bantering, Ria noticed someone who caught her attention. A fine looking guy laughing off at his friend’s jokes as he stood with a record in his hands. His eyes sparkled as he laughed and the dark checkered shirt on his fair skin, only made him stand out of the lot. Ria couldn’t take her eyes off from what she just saw. His smile was like a breath of fresh air, which beamed innocence, yet full of charm. As she drifted away staring at him, she wondered, “Who is this guy? How come I haven’t seen him all these days?” During the lab sessions, she did not be her usual self. Her mind was filled with images of him and and his smile. She could neither get over her sight of the charming guy nor concentrate on the lab work.

She came to know that he was also a first year student from Electronics department. Ever since, each time she passed through that building, she hoped to get a glimpse of him. Days passed, semesters passed, but she never dared to approach him. She noticed him throwing a glance at her once in a while and each time she saw him looking at her, her heart skipped a beat. Just like every other college mate, they became Facebook friends, but Ria never dared to ping him.

As time flew by, Ria enjoyed glimpses of her charming guy every now and then, but made sure it didn’t disturb her to much extent. Each time she stared at him, “Please come into my life at some point, when I’m in my happy place, with nothing much to think about, but you”, she whole heatedly wished. Ria knew her priorities and by the time she reached her final year, she shifted her focus on future plans and employment.

Two years passed since graduation. Ria is now a Software Engineer in one of the nation’s top IT firms and is leading a busy life. She completed her training and is currently posted in Bangalore. After passing the hectic training period with flying colors, Ria is now having the time for her life! She loves her job, is completely joyful, devoid of any sorts of stress and is savoring every bit of her independence.

One Friday, Ria was travelling home from work and just like everyday, she started browsing her social media feed. She noticed she had a Facebook message notification staring at her. She went ahead to open it, and what she saw was something she never expected at that moment!

A ‘Hi’ from her charming guy!! “Wow! After all these years?!! He knows me?! He remembers me?!!” she cried out of elation. That message made her day. Her joy knew no bounds and she could feel her heartbeat racing. After she finished cherishing her ‘magical’ message moment, she replied back. The next thing she knew, she was engrossed in a conversation, so much that they exchanged numbers and continued chatting until midnight.

The next weeks were the most cherished for Ria. Endless waits for a beep on the phone, constant texting and blushing became a part of her daily routine. Then one day all of sudden, she receives a text.

Ria, I’ve been waiting to tell you this for years. I have a serious crush on you since college, but I couldn’t approach you back then for various reasons. I will be in Bangalore next week for a conference, would you like to meet sometime? :)”

Law of Attraction Takeaway–  Focus intensely on your affirmations in the present and let go. Do not think about it too much, as too much focus leads to confusion and raises unwanted doubts, which negates the affirmation. Releasing implies your complete trust that universe has taken over your affirmation and you will expect the results when you most need it!

Make a wholehearted affirmation and release it to the universe. This confirms your complete trust and belief in the Law of Attraction. Because greater the belief and trust, better the results!


#AtoZChallenge- Bestowed Belief

Sheela was in high spirits lately. After all, she found her Mr. Right and released herself from all sorts of family pestering about marriage and settlement. Her life was finally getting back on track, but there was one catch. Sheela was working in the States and like most immigrants, her life abroad was dependent on visa status. Just before the wedding was announced, she had applied for work visa. Her application needed to be picked in the lottery to be considered for approval.  With the wedding announcement, Sheela turned anxious because her visa was to be approved at any cost, not only for her hassle free re entry into the country after the wedding, but also because it was her last attempt in the lottery system.

Having been a firm believer of law of attraction, she wanted to manifest her wish of visa pick in the lottery and also its approval, as it was something beyond her control. She believed in how thoughts had the power to manifest. In the process, she started developing utter faith and belief that her application would be picked in the lottery and her visa would be approved. She imagined how grateful she would be to have been lucky enough to be selected in the lottery. Even though she had some fears popping up occasionally, she made sure to deviate her mind from cultivating those thoughts.

A few weeks later, Sheela was elated with joy! She came to know that her application was selected in the lottery! Her happiness knew no bounds as her manifestation came to life! “The next step is approval which shouldn’t be too hard”, she thought.

The wedding date got closer. Her family started worrying as there was no update on her visa and travelling during pending visa status wasn’t recommended. Meanwhile, the country’s immigration policies took a shift and resulted in a steep fall in the number of approvals. Amidst all the chaos and doubts everyone around raised, Sheela tried holding on to the belief that her visa would be approved no matter what. She continued trusting her faith and went ahead planning for the travel for wedding with an assurance of an approved visa.

Within few days, she received an update she wasn’t hoping for. It wasn’t an approval, but a request for evidence for further consideration of her application. This made things more complex. With the fast approaching wedding, she realized she wouldn’t be getting an approval before it. This definitely disturbed her, as she could neither postpone the wedding nor was she sure of her re entry to the US. Again, no matter how many fears and negative thoughts began to sprout, she held on to her faith that her visa would be approved. Finally, she decided to take the risk of travelling for the wedding, as she had a strong belief of a hassle free re entry and visa approval.

The next few weeks, Sheela enjoyed her time in India for her wedding, amidst her family and partner. During this time she completely forgot about the visa issues or travel risks, as deep down she had an assurance of a problem free approval.

After a month, Sheela returned to the States with her husband and her re entry was smooth though her visa status was pending, just like she had imagined. Now that she got back to the country without any issue, Sheela realized that the universe was actually working towards her manifestation .

In a span of few weeks, Sheela got her much awaited visa approval! She was on cloud nine, as she could continue working on a valid visa. Though it wasn’t a surprise to her because of her faith, she was immensely grateful for the manifestation. Thus her life was sorted and it bestowed her belief in Law of Attraction yet again!

Law of Attraction Takeaway–  No matter how many turns your life takes, stick to your belief that your wish is in the process of manifesting. Because the universe is a mirror and law of attraction mirrors back your dominant thoughts. So make sure your dominant thoughts are not affected by circumstances and are not something you don’t want!

The universe is a mirror. Make sure that the law of attraction mirrors back what you want rather than what you don’t want. So, watch your thoughts!

#AtoZChallenge- Approved Appeal

Little Raji was all excited as she returned from school. Her mother who was clueless of her girl’s unexpected enthusiasm, inquired what made her so elated. “We have a fancy dress competition!!!”, Raji babbled. Her mother smiled but did not say a word. She knew she can’t afford to create or purchase fancy outfits for the competition, nor did she want to dampen her little girl’s spirits. “I want to win a prize!” , Raji uttered with a spark in her eyes and a glee on her face. “Why do you want to participate?”, her mother asked. “I told you I want to win a prize!”, Raji exclaimed. “The whole school will cheer for me when I receive the prize!”, she said. Her mother was taken aback by her daughter’s day dreams. She could neither encourage nor be her little one’s killjoy. “Okay, let’s see what we can do”, she sighed.

As days passed by, Raji reminded her mother about the competition. Her worried mother couldn’t think of anything better for the fancy dress contest other than her old sari. “How about this? You can be a fortune teller”, she asked, with a smile and a heart full of guilt. Raji who was playfully running around jabbered, “Yay! I’m going to be a fortune teller!” Her mother gave her few lines which Raji practiced for the next few days to recite at the contest.

On the day of the competition, Raji was accompanied by her mother. As they entered the backstage, her mother noticed how wonderfully other children were dressed up in some of the most creative and fancy outfits. The place was beaming with rich shimmery outfit clad princesses, superheros with their weapons and accessories, freedom fighters, young astronauts and cute mini professionals. She realized how impossible it was for her kid’s dream to become true and how this participation was a bad idea. To reduce the blow of failure on her little one, she asked Raji, “Do you still want to participate?” “Yes I do, I will get the prize”, Raji replied with an air of confidence.

As the competition began, Raji’s mother’s embarrassment kept increasing as she noticed other kid’s performance. Not only were they dressed up in fancy outfits, they also performed wonderfully well, much better than Raji. This definitely confirmed that her child doesn’t stand any chance. “Don’t worry if you don’t win. Your participation itself is a great effort! Shall we leave now?” Raji’s mother asked, with an attempt to save her kid from disappointment. “Wait, wait. I’m going to get the prize”, Raji replied. Her mother couldn’t help but sigh.

The competition came to an end. Just when Raji’s mother was worried about consoling her daughter, she hears, “The third prize goes to Raji, the fortune teller!!” with a huge round of applause. Just like her daughter wanted! She couldn’t believe how Raji won but was extremely happy for her child and all her embarrassment and guilt vanished in a second. “I told you I’d win!”, said Raji as she returned to her mother with her prize. “Indeed her appeal was approved!” her mother thought, feeling grateful.

Law of Attraction Takeaway– The universe is your genie. Ask away what you want and have utter faith that it will happen. Be like a child, trust in make-believe world, without any doubts or fears.

Be childlike. Ask the universe what you want and believe completely that it will come true


AtoZChallenge 2018- Theme Reveal

Well, it is that time of the year, yet again! The time that makes me badly realize- I am biting more than I can chew, yet not ready to give up! Yes, it’s time for AtoZ Challenge!

This will be my third consecutive year with AtoZ and as always, I signed up the last minute. Last two attempts went without a theme, but this time I wanted to boil down my thoughts as previous challenges have proved how hard it is without a theme. I know I’m long past the due date for a theme reveal post, but better late than never, right?

I started this blog with an intention other than honing my writing skills. An intent to remind myself and everyone who visits this blog, the power and the magic of our mind. So this year’s AtoZ Challenge will be aligned with this motive.

Few years ago, I reached a phase where I was vexed with the agitation created by my pessimistic mind. I was tired of cooking up the worst of situations inside my head that came so naturally to me. I wanted to do something to feel at peace irrespective of circumstances. But a 180 degree shift in the way I look at things won’t happen overnight. It takes great effort, multiple encounters with failure and most importantly- time. In this process of attaining the enlightenment I badly craved for, I stumbled upon ‘Law of Attraction‘.

Law of Attraction is a philosophy built on the lines- ‘like attracts like‘. Accordingly, every incident in your life has been, is and will be an outcome of this universal law. The more you nurture negative thoughts inside your head, the more likely you are to attract them into your life. Greater the gratitude and joy, greater will be the abundance in your life. Thought it isn’t as simple as it sounds, manifesting ANYTHING you want no matter how ridiculous it appears, is POSSIBLE!

The secret to this lies in our minds and the faith or belief in the universe it holds.

“Believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize”


This year I will be sharing stories, real life experiences of how I or someone I know manifested what they wanted through Law of Attraction. So my theme for AToZ Challenge -2018 is

Tiny Tales on Law of Attraction

The intent here is to make people realize that anything we want in life is attainable but the key is to have faith and belief in the universe. There are certain norms by which the law works just like any other law, which I will point out at the end of each tale through the month of April. This attempt is to make myself and anyone who reads this develop faith and conviction in Law of Attraction. If you are already aware of it and use it in your life, I hope these tiny tales only make your belief stronger.

I’m also taking the A TO Z CHALLENGE WITH BLOGCHATTER 2018 this time!

So this April, join me in exploring how dreams turn into reality and remember,

“What we think, we become”