#AtoZChallenge- Bestowed Belief

Sheela was in high spirits lately. After all, she found her Mr. Right and released herself from all sorts of family pestering about marriage and settlement. Her life was finally getting back on track, but there was one catch. Sheela was working in the States and like most immigrants, her life abroad was dependent on visa status. Just before the wedding was announced, she had applied for work visa. Her application needed to be picked in the lottery to be considered for approval.  With the wedding announcement, Sheela turned anxious because her visa was to be approved at any cost, not only for her hassle free re entry into the country after the wedding, but also because it was her last attempt in the lottery system.

Having been a firm believer of law of attraction, she wanted to manifest her wish of visa pick in the lottery and also its approval, as it was something beyond her control. She believed in how thoughts had the power to manifest. In the process, she started developing utter faith and belief that her application would be picked in the lottery and her visa would be approved. She imagined how grateful she would be to have been lucky enough to be selected in the lottery. Even though she had some fears popping up occasionally, she made sure to deviate her mind from cultivating those thoughts.

A few weeks later, Sheela was elated with joy! She came to know that her application was selected in the lottery! Her happiness knew no bounds as her manifestation came to life! “The next step is approval which shouldn’t be too hard”, she thought.

The wedding date got closer. Her family started worrying as there was no update on her visa and travelling during pending visa status wasn’t recommended. Meanwhile, the country’s immigration policies took a shift and resulted in a steep fall in the number of approvals. Amidst all the chaos and doubts everyone around raised, Sheela tried holding on to the belief that her visa would be approved no matter what. She continued trusting her faith and went ahead planning for the travel for wedding with an assurance of an approved visa.

Within few days, she received an update she wasn’t hoping for. It wasn’t an approval, but a request for evidence for further consideration of her application. This made things more complex. With the fast approaching wedding, she realized she wouldn’t be getting an approval before it. This definitely disturbed her, as she could neither postpone the wedding nor was she sure of her re entry to the US. Again, no matter how many fears and negative thoughts began to sprout, she held on to her faith that her visa would be approved. Finally, she decided to take the risk of travelling for the wedding, as she had a strong belief of a hassle free re entry and visa approval.

The next few weeks, Sheela enjoyed her time in India for her wedding, amidst her family and partner. During this time she completely forgot about the visa issues or travel risks, as deep down she had an assurance of a problem free approval.

After a month, Sheela returned to the States with her husband and her re entry was smooth though her visa status was pending, just like she had imagined. Now that she got back to the country without any issue, Sheela realized that the universe was actually working towards her manifestation .

In a span of few weeks, Sheela got her much awaited visa approval! She was on cloud nine, as she could continue working on a valid visa. Though it wasn’t a surprise to her because of her faith, she was immensely grateful for the manifestation. Thus her life was sorted and it bestowed her belief in Law of Attraction yet again!

Law of Attraction Takeaway–  No matter how many turns your life takes, stick to your belief that your wish is in the process of manifesting. Because the universe is a mirror and law of attraction mirrors back your dominant thoughts. So make sure your dominant thoughts are not affected by circumstances and are not something you don’t want!

The universe is a mirror. Make sure that the law of attraction mirrors back what you want rather than what you don’t want. So, watch your thoughts!

15 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge- Bestowed Belief

  1. Rightly said, Srujana, that people should watch their thoughts because their personalities is nothing but a sum total of their thoughts. Also, belief has power to mend reality.


  2. Positive mental attitude. The message is very clear and important. Sometimes it’s not easy to remember it every day, but it is necessary to remind ourselves once in a while.

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      1. A bit sad we have to dig for them really. I guess that’s media for you though…more printed matter on what’s wrong and very little on what’s right. My adage has always been solutions not problems. No solution then shut up lol


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