#AtoZChallenge- Approved Appeal

Little Raji was all excited as she returned from school. Her mother who was clueless of her girl’s unexpected enthusiasm, inquired what made her so elated. “We have a fancy dress competition!!!”, Raji babbled. Her mother smiled but did not say a word. She knew she can’t afford to create or purchase fancy outfits for the competition, nor did she want to dampen her little girl’s spirits. “I want to win a prize!” , Raji uttered with a spark in her eyes and a glee on her face. “Why do you want to participate?”, her mother asked. “I told you I want to win a prize!”, Raji exclaimed. “The whole school will cheer for me when I receive the prize!”, she said. Her mother was taken aback by her daughter’s day dreams. She could neither encourage nor be her little one’s killjoy. “Okay, let’s see what we can do”, she sighed.

As days passed by, Raji reminded her mother about the competition. Her worried mother couldn’t think of anything better for the fancy dress contest other than her old sari. “How about this? You can be a fortune teller”, she asked, with a smile and a heart full of guilt. Raji who was playfully running around jabbered, “Yay! I’m going to be a fortune teller!” Her mother gave her few lines which Raji practiced for the next few days to recite at the contest.

On the day of the competition, Raji was accompanied by her mother. As they entered the backstage, her mother noticed how wonderfully other children were dressed up in some of the most creative and fancy outfits. The place was beaming with rich shimmery outfit clad princesses, superheros with their weapons and accessories, freedom fighters, young astronauts and cute mini professionals. She realized how impossible it was for her kid’s dream to become true and how this participation was a bad idea. To reduce the blow of failure on her little one, she asked Raji, “Do you still want to participate?” “Yes I do, I will get the prize”, Raji replied with an air of confidence.

As the competition began, Raji’s mother’s embarrassment kept increasing as she noticed other kid’s performance. Not only were they dressed up in fancy outfits, they also performed wonderfully well, much better than Raji. This definitely confirmed that her child doesn’t stand any chance. “Don’t worry if you don’t win. Your participation itself is a great effort! Shall we leave now?” Raji’s mother asked, with an attempt to save her kid from disappointment. “Wait, wait. I’m going to get the prize”, Raji replied. Her mother couldn’t help but sigh.

The competition came to an end. Just when Raji’s mother was worried about consoling her daughter, she hears, “The third prize goes to Raji, the fortune teller!!” with a huge round of applause. Just like her daughter wanted! She couldn’t believe how Raji won but was extremely happy for her child and all her embarrassment and guilt vanished in a second. “I told you I’d win!”, said Raji as she returned to her mother with her prize. “Indeed her appeal was approved!” her mother thought, feeling grateful.

Law of Attraction Takeaway– The universe is your genie. Ask away what you want and have utter faith that it will happen. Be like a child, trust in make-believe world, without any doubts or fears.

Be childlike. Ask the universe what you want and believe completely that it will come true


29 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge- Approved Appeal

  1. Day one in the bag!

    Great start too with some nice story telling. How long do you spend on these posts?

    Just asking…for obvious reasons! I’m attempting to do two a day while I can and schedule them. Easy to say on day one 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Gary! Two a day is a good thought, that is what I currently planned for, but as usual not sure how long my momentum will last, lol. I usually don’t take much time to rough write, as my posts are short. May be an hour? Then keep editing on the go whenever I can. About half hour to doodle and another half hour to take pictures or editing stuff. But I definitely think too much before hitting the publish button lol. Scheduling is a great idea! I believe most bloggers do that through out this challenge.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Two a day I think will create a buffer. I don’t doubt there will be times things intervene and even doing one might be hard. Bit of an insurance package. Overthinking is not good here lol. Not enough time 😱

        Liked by 1 person

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