She is Fierce

Some fear the fire. Some simply become it!

To create this doodle, I used micron tip sakura pen and copic markers. Copic markers are a recently discovery and I’m still learning to use them the right way. Though this isn’t flawless, it is something new that I tried.

10 thoughts on “She is Fierce

  1. A Doodle??? you call that a doodle; good Lord that makes anything my non-arty self do look like an extremely bad amateur!

    I rather think you have a plethora of skills my friend (and yes, I have been lacking in appearances so please accept my apologies!).

    Very good too for someone still “learning”. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much Gary!! Art was my first love, writing happened later, though missing in action these days, lol. How are you?? I hope things are going well at your end. Apologies from my end as well for missing out on your posts and making my presence even lesser here in blogosphere!

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      1. I wondered where you had gone! Mind you, I’m not exactly posting regularly at the moment either! I think you have quite a gift there by the way; art and writing.

        And no need to apologise either; I know life happens and priorities change. Its nice to catch up when time allows πŸ™‚


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