#AtoZChallenge- Queen

She stared at the flashing operating light as she laid down on the bed. The doctors were busy prepping for her C-section. In spite of all the pain, she hardly showed any physical discomfort. Enduring physical pain was easier for her compared to her emotional turmoil. There was no anticipation for her child. As the nurse tried to give her the necessary dose of anesthesia, events from her life started flashing before her eyes. She remembered how she was an active, chirpy girl in her youthful days. She had high hopes and expectations from life and the man she wanted to marry. She wished for a man who treated her like a queen.

She was all excited when she got married. Little did she know about the thorns as she only imagined a life with bed of roses. Few months into her marital relationship, she found her husband contrary to her dream man. She realized her relationship with him wasn’t something any girl would ever wish for. She experienced days of endless worry, weeping in silence. She sustained the torture and emotional heartache only for the society. She cursed herself for becoming a victim of societal pressure. But she did it for her parents, for her family. Though she hardly felt loved, she never dared to share it with anyone. She only hoped for a change in him someday while tolerating the pain calmly.

She wished a child would bring in a change to her life. Though she wasn’t sure about expecting love from her husband, she knew a child would keep her occupied from all the chaos. As the anesthesia slowly started showing affect, she gradually closed her eyes. She didn’t know what happened and when she regained her consciousness, she saw a sight she would never forget. Her beautiful son. The moment she saw him, she forgot all the pain, all the torture, the misfortune that she had been enduring for years. She was elated, overjoyed and cried with happiness looking at him. After all, she realized what it feels like to be a queen, holding her tiny prince in her arms.

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