#AtoZChallenge- Opportunist

Neil, Mary and Sam were classmates, best friends and companions for life. They were enjoying the final months of their college life as they would be graduating soon. Apart from cherishing moments of their happy days, they were also nervous about their future ahead. It was time for them to decide on what they wanted to do with life. Their peers were busy with placements, job hunting and entrance exams to their dream schools. The three friends were keen on pursuing an internship with a reputed firm and they were trying hard for it. They knew how much value an internship at a top company would add to their resume.

Neil was an outright optimist who always had a positive outlook in every situation. He was calm, cheerful and hopeful for the most. He always aimed for the best and was confident that his wishes do come true. Mary on the other hand had a pessimistic approach to life. Though she was good at everything she did, she hardly had confidence or belief in herself.  She had a habit of making up the worst of situations to survive and most of the times, life happened as she feared. Sam was somewhere between his two friends. He was neither overly positive about his life nor drenched himself with negativity. He looked out for possibilities and tried to grab every opportunity that came his way.

Just like every year, the college hosted a career fair on campus. Students flocked through the stalls to look into job opportunities. Most of them were either clueless or confused of the endless opportunities that firms projected at the fair. But Neil, Mary and Sam were clear and focused on their agenda of internship at a big organization. After the fair, all three of them received interview calls from a medium scale organization. Being the best among most students, they weren’t really keen on pursuing the offer from a mediocre company. Neil being his hopeful positive self, only wanted to wait for the big opportunity he was aiming for. So he gave the interview a miss, as it doesn’t fit his bill. He’d rather prepare for the big shot he wanted instead of wasting time with smaller companies, he thought.

Mary who was used to making up the worst scenarios, wanted to give an attempt. Sam was keen on attending the interview as well as he had a tendency to grab every opportunity that came along. Though Mary was capable, she always had innumerable doubts and fears running inside her head. This made her lose confidence and she could not do her best at the interview, in spite of being an overqualified candidate. Sam made an effort to go through the interview and as a result, he was offered with the job. Though Sam was pleased with the offer, he obviously wanted to try for a greater opportunity.

Few months passed and the three friends graduated successfully. But the job market wasn’t as they expected it to be as recession hit hard. Many students, even the toppers from various colleges were jobless. Students started looking for alternative plans as waiting too long for a job of their choice wouldn’t do any good. Neil and Mary also had to look out for other options as their wait for a big dream company wasn’t fruitful. They repented for having missed an opportunity that came their way. Now they’d have to settle for less in a market with greater competition and fewer jobs.

In an ever-evolving and fluctuating world, no matter how talented and hard working one is, the right attitude at the right time is all that makes the difference!


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