#AtoZChallenge- Multitasking

Nita was trying to pay attention to the lecture while she was busy texting. She enjoyed this new found way of uninterrupted communication with her friends and loved ones. At school, in the bus, while shopping or running errands, no matter where, she was always able to text along with what she was supposedly doing. This was her first tryst with multitasking. She loved how she was able to work on everything without having to compromise on texting. She realized there is a term for this capability of hers and encountered the word- Multitasking. She started feeling like having attained a superpower. She continued handling multiple tasks at once. Multitasking has now become a habit.

Years later, she got so accustomed to juggling between multiple tasks at once that she felt incomplete if she had to focus on just one. This forced her to create other engagements to make her feel occupied or to save time. She even started mentioning multitasking as one of her ‘positive traits’ during interviews, as it is a default requirement in today’s world. As a result she texted while driving, replied to emails during meetings, worked on multiple assignments at once and answered calls while cooking.

With time, she noticed something very disturbing. Her ability to multi task which she considered an asset, slowly started impacting her lifestyle. Before she realized, the constant switching between tasks made her focus fade. Thus her inability to concentrate on at least one task, slowed her down. With nearing deadlines and deterred focus, she found herself making mistakes. This had a huge impact on her productivity, both at work and with everyday chores. Reduced productivity made her feel dissatisfied. Her dissatisfaction in her ability to pursue daily activities increased her stress levels. As a result, she started hating her habit of multitasking, as in a way, it has become a reason for her struggle with anxiety.


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