#AtoZChallenge- Heliophilia

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The semester just started with yet another tedious lecture in class and I was already bored. While I was trying to pay attention amidst the notifications on my phone, there she comes with big gleamy eyes and a breezy smile on her face, like a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she walked into the classroom adorned in a beautiful yellow dress. My heart skipped a beat and started pounding ever since. I kept staring at her throughout the lecture and wished it never ended. For the very first time, I was glad to be seated in a class and my day just got better.

The next few days were the most memorable of my life. Each day passed with a never ending hope for a glimpse of her smile. I dared not to approach her, but I secretly wished I had the courage. Then she comes one day seeking my help and my joy knew no bounds. I suddenly felt like the happiest soul in the universe. Whenever she approached me, my heart never failed to skip a beat. I knew what it felt to have butterflies in the stomach. I instantly felt dreamy, excited and anxious. My palms turned sweaty and cheeks all red. I wanted to say all the nice things in the world, but I could only stutter.  All these strange, beautiful feelings that I never experienced, only made me happier. I never wanted to miss this feeling of delight when she was around.

During the days I couldn’t see her, I felt void, lost and helpless. I was restless, nervous and felt as though I was breathless. I wanted to do anything, just to get a glance of her. I waited in despair for the eternal day to end. There was pain and pleasure in longing. The moment of her sight after a day of missing her felt priceless. A sudden rush of enthusiasm, satisfaction and bliss infused me. Moments like these made my life and made me crave for more. People called me crazy as I insanely yearned for her presence. I couldn’t mind, as she indeed was my sunshine.

6 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge- Heliophilia

  1. Gravitar change…think dinosaurs…this might be temporary!

    Lovely piece of writing and good emotional tone too. Are you still going strong with this years challenge? I know I’ve missed a few letters already on yours; well I’ve seen them, but time has been rather tricky recently. Once I’ve caught up then I will visit much more!

    Great post x

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    1. You changed your Gravitar? No dinosaur anymore?! Thank you so much! I tried writing from a guy’s voice hehe. This year didn’t go that well as I was not on schedule, but I completed though a bit late. Hope things are going fine with you!! 🙂

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      1. Dinosaur is still my FB one, but I’m tinkering with harmonising things on the writing side of social media in case I actually go somewhere with it! I hear you about schedule dips; mines been terrible of late. So much to catch up on here. Too bogged down doing things for everyone but me it seems!!!! Hope to catch up on your posts soon too 🙂


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