#AtoZChallenge- Extraordinary

As we grow up, we hear and discuss a lot about successful and prosperous people. As children many of us aspire to become one. Of course, not most of us turn out successful when we are adults. Reasons could be infinite, ranging from lack of resources, to vexation by continuous failures or to even the fading away of our motive to succeed. For a matter of fact, the definition of success itself takes various forms throughout our lives. As a kid, becoming academically successful defined success, as a young graduate employment meant success and as an adult a peaceful life with perfect work-life balance was all that defined success.

While most of us fall within this bracket, there are few people who crave for life beyond the ordinary, who wish to make a difference big time, who are creative and not easily satisfied, yet not greedy. In spite of having this drive for success and a strong ambition, only a handful of these few actually make it big. Only these handful are actually the ones who accomplished their dreams of being the extraordinary!

So what causes this big discrepancy between the average and the successful? What is the line that draws all the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary individual with respect to success? Do the extraordinary work harder and better? Or is their motive and drive for success stronger than the ordinary? Or are they just exceptionally fortunate and lucky? Most successful people, be it the CEOs or founders of great companies or sport stars or billionaires or top rated entrepreneurs across the world, they all share few common traits that differentiates them from the ordinary. Here are a few characteristics that make all the difference!

  • Extraordinary people have crazy levels of driving force for their ambition! They just don’t give up, irrespective of repeated failures or milestones. They don’t know what it means to quit!
  • They crave for knowledge. They are curious, no matter how successful they are. They never miss an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Exceptional people don’t give importance to what the world says. They are least bothered about people’s opinions. They don’t lower their spirits when their ideas are being laughed at. Nor do they fret over what others think of them. They are aware of the fact that pleasing everyone is impossible and not what they yearn for.
  • They have a productive lifestyle and a daily routine. They read, they exercise, they work on their mission. They don’t waste time hooked to their smartphones or gadgets, they don’t wish to be constantly entertained by always switching between YouTube and Netflix. They are NOT addicted to social media.
  • Remarkable people do not procrastinate. They are ridiculously focused and leave out on any distractions coming their way. They may seem like they don’t enjoy life, but they don’t care. All they care about is the greater good they are working for, their passion and their ambition.
  • They believe that they are the masters of their own lives and cut down on all the toxicities that deter their determination. They are disciplined, dynamic and constant learners.

There are definitely many more to the list. But most of these signify the importance of having a relentless focus and drive towards ambition, which many ordinary people lack, even though they are capable. Most of us blame circumstances, people and life for being unfair for this ordinary life of ours. But in reality, who is the actual hindrance in the way of having the extraordinary life we always wanted?

7 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge- Extraordinary

    1. Thank you!! Yes, no hard rules, these are just few inherit common characteristics they share. I do agree that they do go on social media, but they aren’t addicted. Thanks a lot for you stopping by and giving your valuable thought!! 🙂🙂


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