#AtoZChallenge- Deeds

In a remote village lived a woman who was known for her generous acts of kindness. Though she  wasn’t wealthy monetarily, she was always looked upon for her philanthropy. She believed in helping everyone in the village to whatever extent she could. Cooking and serving food for the needy and unfortunate was her favorite pastime. She did have her problems of not having enough to meet her needs, but that never deterred her motivation to lend a hand. She believed in ‘good deeds’, which meant helping people to her. Good deeds bring back the good no matter how many hardships, she thought. She held on to her faith, inspite of being hit by a series of unfavorable events. Being a widow, she had to struggle hard to raise her only son. All she wanted was to provide him wih the best of what she had.

Years later, he grew up to become the responsible man she wished for, rather a more successful one. He worked for a huge company in the city and also gained an opportunity to go abroad for an onsite project. It was his first time abroad with no companions. Thus he had all sorts of inhibitions and sensed trouble adjusting. But to his surprise, he always had help at the time of need without his knowledge.

When he worked late nights and returned home with hunger or felt too exhausted to even cook or order, he always had someone, somehow get him something to eat. When he started feeling lonely with not many known faces around, he was approached by people miraculously and they treated him better than most of his friends back home. He was offered  help on various occasions whenever in need, without having to put in much effort. Suddenly his lonely, alien life on a foreign land, transformed into some of the best days with cherishable moments of his life!

Though he wondered if he was a lucky soul for everything that was going on with him, deep down he knew why he could attract what he wished for. He always reminded himself to thank his mother. Because after all, they were her ‘good deeds’, coming back to him.

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