#AtoZChallenge- Change

It was just another Monday morning. John parked his car and headed to the cafeteria for breakfast. “Good morning John, eggs and bacon?”, the lady at the counter smiled. “Yup, as always”, John nodded. After a quick bite, he reached his cubicle on the 8th floor exactly at 7.00 a.m, just like everyday.  His cubicle was the ‘one with the view’ by a giant window of the building, something that his colleagues were often envious of. His cubicle was just as organized as him, devoid any clutter. A neat stack of papers labelled with sticky notes, a coffee mug, picture frames of his wife and son and a momentum that read ‘20 years of service’ were all one could find on his desk. He completed his 20th anniversary with the reputed organization a month ago. John loved his job and enjoyed working for a great company. He watched it grow, fall and evolve over these years. He was also one of the key players for many of their successful projects through the years. He loved waking up for work and never complained.

As he logged into his computer and browsed through his emails, he noticed an email with ‘High Importance’ label. The email was from the CEO of the company and the subject wasn’t something John sees quite often. “Announcement of potential layoffs” it  read. John never wanted this to happen, but since it happened, he knew exactly what to expect.

Having worked for the organization for quite a long time, he knew how things worked. The company wasn’t doing well for many quarters and to cover up the incurred losses, they needed to downsize the workforce. When human resource downsizing happens, John was aware of how individuals were shortlisted to be laid off. Cutting down expenses usually involved cutting down high paying jobs. It did not exactly depend on the performance of an employee, but the amount on their paycheck, their up to date skills and experience.

John knew he would be one among them and realized his time to leave has arrived. He already feared this email would some day pop up in his inbox, but he didn’t expect it then. He got up from his chair and walked towards the giant window by his desk. As he stared through the window, he felt uneasy, but wasn’t sure what bothered him. He was neither worried about finding a new job nor had any financial concerns. But something made him anxious. His resistance to change. Having worked for an organization for nearly two decades and having lived a life exactly the same way for so many years, he panicked about how his life might change. Being an organized person and having followed the same routine and having showed up for work at the same place at the same time for such a long period, he couldn’t think past it. The thought of waking up and not being at this desk in this office by 7.00 a.m., made his palms sweaty. 20 years was a long time, change would be difficult he felt.

He continued staring at the window and after a series of agitated thoughts, he took a deep breath and made an attempt to convince himself of his time to move on.

Change is inevitable after all, but this Monday was definitely not a usual one”, he thought.

6 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge- Change

  1. Interesting read. Most people are subconsciously resistant to change even if they don’t know it themselves. Good story, although you could have shaved a 100-150 words off it and made it slicker.
    Good luck! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. So you put me in a tight spot. 😖😝

        Okay, here we go. The entire third paragraph where you detail the process behind layoffs. You could also have culled some lines from the other paras, except the last two, which are quite compact already.
        The focus of the story being on change and adaptation to change, that’s what the text needs. But, all said and done, it is an uplifting story. And that is a huge thing. 😊

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