Pattern Art

Patterns to me are synonymous with art. I’ve been trying my hand at doodling with patterns these days. I came across Zentangle art and fell in love with it instantly! Zentangle is a method of drawing with repeated structured patterns. The beauty of this art lies in the patterns!

Zentangle which has gained immense popularity, is quickly evolving into an art form. This art is not only pleasing to eyes, but is also a great way to relax and focus. I consider this practice highly therapeutic and grab every opportunity to come up with doodles and drawings with patterns. Though I’m still far from perfection in this, I wish to continue to explore and learn drawing different types of patterned art.

Here are few of my doodles with patterns that I’ve been drawing lately. Though I don’t use professional Zentangle sakura pens yet, I did these with an ultra pointed sharpie marker.

Zentangled Butterfly
Pattern Queen
Embellished Birdie


Daily PromptPattern

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