Aiming for the Atypical

It doesn’t happen very often that a movie inspires or motivates me on various levels. But when it does, it will get to my blog. One such motion picture that stimulated me to write was Dangal (meaning ‘wrestling competition’ in Hindi).

I was a bit late to witness this influencing sports drama, which happens to be one of the most successful films in Bollywood. A biopic based on the true story of a wrestler who fulfills his desire of winning gold for the nation through his daughters, is indeed inspiring on so many levels. The movie depicts the passion and hard work of a wrestler who tries relentlessly to achieve his long lost dream. While the movie did turn out amazing with an inspiring theme, along with an addendum of the effortless portrayal by the lead cast, I was awestruck thinking about the real man who actually inspired the filmmakers to make a movie out his life!

Being a wrestler in India is not easy. With not much popularity to the sport and limited resources to actually support it, there aren’t many success stories. Coming from a rural background, Mahavir Singh Phogat had to bid goodbye to wrestling at early stages due to circumstances. But his desire to win gold for the country only kept intensifying with time. This passion led him to train his daughters and eventually fulfill his ambition. Though the movie was dramatized compared to real life situations for entertainment purposes, the zest and hard work that went in appeared real. While I did enjoy watching his life story captured in a limited time frame of 160 minutes, I couldn’t stop pondering about the struggle and trauma, he and his family went through to achieve this limelight.

Mr. Phogat, based out of a small rural town in Haryana India, wished to train his future sons to make it big in wrestling when his wife gets pregnant. But destiny had other plans and all he could end up with was not one, not two, but four daughters, after years of prayers and implementation of so-called successful conceiving methods to have sons! Okay, so now he has all daughters in a world where they are only fit for either household chores,  or for bearing children upon marriage, but definitely not for wrestling! When Phogat realizes the miracles of genetics by watching his girls wrestle, his subsided desire gains momentum. Thus training them to win gold for the nation begins and the girls working hard and making it big in the field of wrestling is all together another awesome story.

In this process of enabling his daughters make it big in an unknown arena for women, the girls and the family must have faced a lot of humiliation and  discouragement. Though the movie doesn’t prolong much on this aspect, I could not stop admiring the levels of determination this man had, irrespective of the constraints and pessimism surrounding him and his family. Years of training girls in wrestling, right from their childhood in a world full of mockery and contempt, must have put them through a state of agony and hopelessness. But having a hell lot of determination that continued for years and much firmer belief in himself and his daughters, made them achieve the impossible!

In our lives, we may face many similar situations, where the world around us is against our ideas/ decisions/ goals/ aspirations. It is during these times that requires us to be as adamant as a rock to achieve the atypical. The world is filled with an infinite number of preexisting notions about what, when, where, who and how things need to be done. The reactions from people surrounding us can affect our decisions and beliefs in a very horrendous way, thus making us give up on dreaming or aiming for anything that isn’t ‘typical’ or ‘common’. This kills our ability to think out of the box and work for the extraordinary. The ridicule, mockery, disdain are all part of this journey in trying to make it big in a world full of normality and standardness.

The stress and pain involved in the process are only the outcomes of our own mind, but not the word of mouth around us. The world is a Judgemental Jungle, where no matter how right and perfect we are in this imperfect reality, we are and will be judged! The ability to stick to our dreams of working towards the uncommon or aiming for the atypical is purely dependent on us and our minds. The stronger our belief is, the more resistant we stand and no words of discouragement and hopelessness can ever pull us away from our way to success.

Aiming for the atypical in a typical world can never be easy, but working towards it with an unwavering belief, determination and perseverance will eventually lead to extraordinary results!

To enjoy the fruits of extraordinary success by aiming for anything beyond the ordinary, it needs undeterred determination, which is indeed much more beyond the ordinary levels of will power. Hence, the commotion and failures that try in every way to make us give up this expedition to our off beaten accomplishment- should be either ignored or be treated as learning lessons. Turning a deaf ear to people’s scorns needs to become habitual to make sure our belief isn’t impacted. Hard work and belief go hand in hand. Working without belief or having immense belief without actually working for it, will lead us nowhere. When the passion is real and the desire is burning, we actually end up working towards it without feeling it to be an uphill battle.

So, never stop thinking beyond the typical- because aiming for the atypical does not mean aiming for the impossible!


Inspired from the movie- Dangal

7 thoughts on “Aiming for the Atypical

  1. This is partly what biopic movies are supposed to do – inspire us.
    The way you have extrapolated and focussed on the themes and morals of the life of Mr. Phogat is remarkable. And as you say, we do need to have undeterred determination to achieve our goals.
    Good to see you putting out this post. I was looking forward to it. Kudos on a great one. Hope you (and me too!) can imbibe these lessons in your life.๐Ÿ˜Š

    Liked by 2 people

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