New Year? Resolutions Time?- No, Not This Time!

Ah! It’s that time of the year yet again! When you feel afresh, basking in the glory of dewiness, leaving behind all the mess you’ve endured last year. The feeling of newness, with an assurance of a new you’ via New Year Resolutions!

 A moment of silence to your screwed up life, as the new year brings in a ray of hope for a better and stronger self. You start making amendments well in advance for the occasion regarding your transformation to a finer, brighter and a healthier human. Because it’s that time of the year, when all your survival rituals appear to look like bad habits/ addictions, divine cravings remind you of being unhealthy and your income makes you feel unwealthy. You feel the urge to change your below average life that you’ve been content with until very recently, with the help of New Year Resolutions. You start jotting down a list of nearly impossible lifestyle changes that are currently disguised as ‘new’ and life changing beginnings.

Finally your life changing day arrives- January 1st. You’ve partied so hard the previous night, that you broke your first resolution for the new year- Rise Early. Never mind! There’s a valid reason for the miss. Now you get careful on strictly following/ sticking to your remaining resolutions for the day. You succeed in keeping up with almost all of them on day 1. As a result, you seem to sense a feeling of regeneration in this process of developing a ‘new you’. This continues for days to follow but with degrading number of hits in your resolutions list. The pressure to keep up with your idea of an ideal self amidst heated circumstances and unfavorable conditions, makes you let go your newly cultivated habits. You loosen for a temporary sense of comfort, eventually breaking the promises you made to yourself at the beginning of the year! You develop a state of failure, thus giving up and end up waiting eagerly for the next calendar year- so that you can start afresh, again.

Majority of us fail to stick to our new year resolutions for the entire year. It takes immense dedication irrespective of how life throws you a curveball, to accomplish this journey of self-improvement for at least a generous period of 6 months.

For all of us who are yet to reach the pinnacles of dedication, new year resolution is not the ultimate solution. A resolution without its association to a new year is the panacea! Why do you have to wait for new years to start something new? How does the end of a year enlighten you all of a sudden with all the good things you need in life? The subconscious mind is dangerous. It had a list of “not so good for you” things all this while irrespective of the date on the calendar. But it takes a back seat until the hoopla of new year begins. Do not fall for this! While new years help us retrospect our lives and motivate us towards betterment, the compulsion that joins with this motive to keep going with the resolutions can become stressful. 

To eradicate the sense of failure when missing a new year check list and the wait for another  year- Let’s tweak the notion of New Year Resolutions to plain resolutions, irrespective of the year. It makes you feel lighter, devoid the stress that comes with the New Year Resolutions package. Because every year  day is an opportunity to start something new. Every morning is a ray of hope you waited for, a motivation to keep striving for improvement. The D-day might be during the middle of a week or towards the end of Spring or even the beginning of December, but not necessarily January 1st. This gives us the convenience of slowly changing one habit/routine at a time, as too many lifestyle changes at once can be overwhelming. 

Different studies portray different figures on the number of days that take to transform a new behavior into a habit. While the pre-existing notion is 21 days, few studies contradict this number. The development of habits depend on various factors influencing the individual such as way of life, cultures and customs. So, you can cultivate your habit at your own pace. Handling one resolution at a time can work wonders, making it easier to keep your list of habitual accomplishments ascending in this resolution journey of yours. Thus the strike of midnight on December 31st will no longer mark the birth of your new self, instead every morning you wake up marks the possibility of a better you.

 You do not have to wait for new years to improve yourself and it’s never too late to start again, because-  Every dawn begins with you!

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10 thoughts on “New Year? Resolutions Time?- No, Not This Time!

  1. Exactly my thoughts. Making a host of new year resolutions is like putting all your eggs in a basket. And what’s more absurd is thinking you’d change so many aspects of your lifestyle in one go.
    Nice post this!

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  2. Another thoughtful, compassionate, supportive, very, very well-written post…excellent points one and all…much appreciated wise words and wise suggestions…thank you for continuing to use your gifts to encourage others…your contribution is special and irreplaceable….thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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