Yearlong Yearning- #AtoZChallenge

It was one foggy morning in the month of October. Rohan woke up to the sound of bursting firecrackers in the neighbourhood. The fog was only an illusion created from the continuous burning of fireworks. It was Diwali- The festival of lights and prosperity. Rohan was much excited for Diwali than usual this time, as it has arrived a month earlier compared to the previous year. Not because he can light firecrackers in advance, but because his yearlong yearning to see his dad has come down by a month!

Rohan’s dad lives in the Middle East and Diwali is the only time he visits his family every year. As Rohan’s mom was busy preparing festival delicacies in the kitchen, Rohan jumped around the house with anticipation for his dad. “When will he be here?? I can’t wait to see him!!”, yells Rohan, doing fake cartwheel stunts with excitement. “So do I dear! He should be here by afternoon. Meanwhile, go burst some firecrackers with your friends”, his mom replied while deep frying some savories. “Nooo, I’ll burst them with Papa. He promised he’ll teach me to burn the new rockets this time. I can’t wait!!”, screamed Rohan.

It was half past six in the evening. Rohan’s dad was still not home. Rohan hasn’t stopped pestering his mother about his dad’s arrival. His mom has been trying to reach Rohan’s dad since hours, but in vain. The air of excitement began to fade. They actually began to worry, as they came to know the flights have landed on time. Rohan’s mother was tensed and felt pity looking at her 9 year old’s yearning for his dad. All the festival sweets and savories were lying on the table sans attention. Rohan’s mom was busy enquiring his dad’s friends back in the Middle East, while he looked helplessly at his mother.

At quarter past 9 p.m, the door bell rang. Rohan rushed to the door, while his mother was on the phone. “Papa!!!”, yelled Rohan and hugged his dad. His elation had no bounds. His yearning for yearlong has finally come to an end. “What happened?? I couldn’t reach you, we were so worried!”, Rohan’s mom inquired. “I missed my connecting flight and had no time to either recharge my battery dead phone nor call you to inform. I had to board as soon as I got the new ticket. Also, I thought this would make a nice surprise!”, Rohan’s dad replied winking. “This is not a pleasant surprise!”, his mom bawled. The excitement was back in the air, with a sense of relief. Rohan clinged to his dad and was living the moment, a moment he has been waiting for, since a year! “Ready to burst some rockets son?!”, his dad asked, while holding him tight. “Yes Papa, I’ve been ready since last Diwali!”, Rohan replied with a twinkle in his eye.

17 thoughts on “Yearlong Yearning- #AtoZChallenge

  1. It speaks to your gift for writing that I became so quickly emotionally-invested in the little boy’s father making it home…and, of course I am happy for the mother and father…but, the little boy’s longing had me holding my breath until relief caused me to smile inside…thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

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    1. That is such a wonderful compliment!!! I’m still learning and wish to get better at writing. Your words made my day as I felt this post served it’s purpose! 😊 I never imagined this could stimulate so much! If it did, it so served my intention of this post. Thank you so much for your continuous support Truly!! 😊😊

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  2. Y for Ye Gods….how come I’ve missed these??? Just bad form that my friend…bad form….well that and a few days of self indulgent writing meta crises….I digress…nice theme…and hits a rapport with anyone working away from family and the impact on younglings…very well written and sincere apologies for missing these πŸ€•

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      1. You are too kind….and clearly a generous person….talented…me…err….not really…..I’m not published πŸ€”

        I always have internal meta crises…it’s no excuse to be missing posts 😜

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