Kismet- #AtoZChallenge


 Success is when right things fall into the right place at the right time. One among these fail and you end up ruining your success story. There are times when we strive so hard to reach our goals, that failing cannot be taken as a lesson learnt or a stepping stone to success. Disappointment from failing is directly proportional to the hard work invested in achieving. 

You’ve put in the right amount of work, met the right people, grabbed the right opportunity, yet failed. What went wrong? That’s when we end up consoling ourselves with ‘kismet’ or fate as an answer! Well, may be that’s something really undeniable. No matter how much you strive to attain your ambitions, you will not succeed unless you are destined to. 

This conception may be wrong. I cannot fully justify the fact that there is nothing like fate/kismet. Atleast from my experience, I somehow had to believe in it. I have been a destiny’s child, as I always ended up doing things that I never planned to, or ended up with people who I never imagined to know. But I have no complains. Sometimes I feel this was meant to be. May be this is right for me. The ones that I planned for, may not have been good enough or I may have sucked at them! At the end of the day, what is right for us will eventually make it’s way to us. 

Disappointment from failure is temporary, as it fades. But time waits for none. Repenting and brooding over failures cannot bring peace. Panicking about the future is also definitely not the answer. One of the best ways to diminish or slighten the blow of failure if encountered, is to never worry about the results. 

As cited in the Bhagawad Gita, it is a safe bet to “Do your duty and never expect the results.” Duty here is the work required to achieve the goal. Working hard irrespective of the result is a great knack for succeeding even if the results are futile. If the outcome is positive, then great! Hard work paid off! Otherwise, something RIGHT is definitely in store! 

20 thoughts on “Kismet- #AtoZChallenge

  1. Oooh…destiny, fate, kismet…on a roll with creativity my friend. Good post and one that, over coffee, could lead to ponderous debates about life, the universe and everything…to which the answer is 42 if the earth is destroyed by a Vogon constructor fleet….I digress..

    A question is poised however upon the line disappointment is directly proportional to hard work invested in achieving.

    Due to said proportionality and, by logical conclusion, I will be less disappointed by failing if I expect failing and thus do nothing at all to achieve not failing so I will end up proportionately less disappointed by actually failing.

    Excellent..I hate editing so upon your wholesome equation will cease immediately πŸ˜‡

    Seriously though, I hate editing… though, great post and an absolute that hard work is paramount to success. If something fails then learn lessons so next time it doesn’t…fix the hole in the half filled glass and top it up 😊

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    1. Exactly!! Thank you so much for elaborating! You emphasize the essence so well with your words. Thanks a lot for that! 😊 But you should edit, no matter what. Editing is as important as writing, consider it to be equal to writing. The fear of it being equal and not less to writing will motivate you to keep editing πŸ˜„

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      1. Hard to stop once a ramble starts alas…well alas for you as you should be writing not reading…me..well it’s better writing here than editing…prevaricating if you will. Although I must write a post this weekend. Are you quite mad? Editing equal to writing?? I’ve heard this viscous rumour many times and some claim to love it because it’s where the story takes shape…allegedly….. All I see is a long winding road of sighs and, by the fourth run through a growing hated of the very tale that was written…although I’ve also read that when you’ve edited to the point you hate it then it’s ready…such inspiration is tempting me to stab my filled glass with sharp things to improve its drainage. The alternative rationale is prevaricating. On the basis once done it’s the big now what question and arty things like book covers. I don’t do arty 😱

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      2. Oh! Of Course! Writing a book is no lame task! Apart from your writing, you will need to invest a lot of your time in these stuff too, which appear trivial. Book cover makes a huge difference. That should be able to draw your readers. Take time to do more research on that arty stuff. Also publicity and advertising is the next big step! See, I’m reminding more things that you hate,lol! But once you’re done with everything, when you look back, you could write an another book about how you actually wrote a book. πŸ˜„

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      3. I know…book cover is really worrying my non-arty brain πŸ€• All reminders of out of comfort zone things too….EEEK is all I have to say !!! Obviously blogging is part of trying to grow a following of people who like my writing style..that and making new friends like you 😊 But even growing a following is hard when you don’t know what you’re doing !! Newbie…hate being newbie…although brilliant idea…write a book about how I wrote my first one…might use that 😁

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      4. It is…but blogging for me has now become a way to find really cool friends, not marketing commodities…note friends not fans… My fragile mind can’t cope with people actually liking my stuff…at least until the arty part of cover is resolved πŸ€”

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      5. Thank you 😊 The friends part you are so right about. I never believed that would be a by product of blogging…but you are all such lovely people and it’s a total pleasure to be here now πŸ˜‡

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      6. Too right…it’s all very refreshing and the best bit is they are all over the world….despite politicians saying to the contrary we all just want to get on…that, to me, is really hopeful for the future…well until climate change turns the screw, a vast caldera decides to wake up or a very large rock in space says hello…but apart from that….

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      7. If they cut the jibber jabber and dropped self interest and over inflated egos then one might be prepared to listen…as it is, just to be clear, they do not and have a tendency to truth stretch, bend, distort and….oh hang about that’s lying isn’t it πŸ€”

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  2. Letting go of expectations is one life lesson I am working on! This idea of kismet–or maybe karma–is an interesting one. Life is interesting and amazing. I think it would be less so if we always knew what the results of our actions would be.

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