Failing Family Ties- #AtoZChallenge


A man travels the world in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it. – George Moore

No matter how accomplished or lost a person is, family gives comfort. Family ties are a great blessing and they offer immense emotional strength. As the world progresses for betterment, there are few elements that are losing their significance. One such instance is the failing family ties. Several reasons can be quoted for losing the essence of family relationships. 

Technology has made life simpler. With advent of texting, skyping and sharing, families always stay ‘connected’. This connection is only virtual and can in no way replace physical existence. But we conveniently convince ourselves with “Something is better than nothing”. 

Independence is a good thing. It helps an individual grow in every aspect. But the very same freedom may result in the concept of ‘I, me, myself’ rather than ‘We, us, ourselves’. Thus resulting in failed family relationships due to lack of emotional backup and support for one another. 

No matter how advanced technology gets and how better lives change, there should be certain fundamental elements that need to remain the same. Giving the required importance to roots and family ties should remain unchanged, irrespective of advancements. 

One way might be to limit addiction of use of technology to replace emotions in a relationship. Because few elements of mankind are better left basic and oldfashioned. 

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