Crabby Complainer- #AtoZChallenge


Why me??” “Why don’t things happen the way I want them to?” Sounds familiar?

Well, join the club! These are rantings of dissatisfied souls, who often feel their life is incomplete. Sad part- They are the ones who are blessed and are fortunate in ‘N’ number of ways. Worst part- They are too ignorant to acknowledge it.

This has been the story of my life. (I wish and hope it is a story of the past!)

I can blatantly say that I grumbled more than I smiled. I was unhappy more than I was content. I felt unlucky more than I was fortunate and disregarded my blessings until I completely lost them!Overlooked Blessings

If you are a grumpy, crabby complainer, you HAVE to reach a stage where you will be vexed with this mindset of yours. Otherwise, peace of mind will only be a distant dream. Thankfully, I feel I’m pulling myself through that phase. And how? – I just made up my mind!

Sounds simple, eh? Err..actually it’s not! The purpose of this blog was to portray how powerful one’s mind isAbout

Making up your mind can be one of the hardest and the toughest feats ever! It needs a lot of determination, practice and patience. It is emotionally straining. I have been trying to do this for years. I’m very well aware of the law of attraction. Read wonderful books, been a follower of Rhonda Byrne, tried to incorporate ‘Secret’ and ‘Magic’ in my life, but all in vain. Nothing worked. No matter how hard I tried, how badly I wished to practice gratitude, I couldn’t do it. After weeks of patiently trying to stay positive, I just needed one unfavorable situation to bring me back to square one.

I finally decided to make up my mind very firmly one last time. I’m still not sure how accurately law of attraction works, but I wish to be as stubborn as possible to unfavorable incidents. I chose to not consider the so-called ‘unfavorable events’ as unfavorable/unlucky anymore. I still come across situations that break me, events that are unexpected and emotionally draining. But the way I see it now, they don’t make me complain. Because I no longer compare my state/situations with the best. But I do it with the worst possible scenario. What if the one I’m experiencing is the worst? Well, it’s temporary and at least I’m alive to face it!

The crabby complainer in me may bid goodbye soon. This requires lot of effort and determination, which is not easy. It has not and will not be a cake walk. But in the end, it’s all worth it!


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