#AtoZChallenge- A for Amateur


Since how long have you been working here?”, he asked curiously, while firmly shaking hands. I could not help but notice the strands of grey in his hair. “It’s been two months!”, I replied, with a fake confident voice. In-spite of the warmth in his smile, deep down I was nervous. Intimidated by his experience. After all, he was the Vice- President of the company, while I was a doe-eyed fresher filled with excitement and nervousness.

This was during the orientation dinner for new employees. I was surrounded with highly experienced and skillful minds. I could not stop feeling the confidence each one of them emitted. They all looked smart, knowledgeable and professional. Whereas, I was a restless tyro in awe of their experience and proficiency. Though I was uncomfortable for being one among a handful of amateurs in a room full of professionals, I was highly inspired by each one of them. I had some great conversations that were enriching. They made me realize my scope of learning apart from making me feel proud of the little so-called achievements I have. Their acknowledgement of my capabilities and my negligible experience, proves their modesty and maturity. They raised my enthusiasm by inciting  conversations on areas of art and technology I was good at, which they considered themselves to be novice. This enlightening chat highlighted the fact that each one of us were amateurs in our own way.

I walked out of the dining hall much confident with a sense of fulfillment. As long as we are amateurs and there is scope for learning, life can never be boring!

Because anyone professional was once an amateur!


I signed up for A to Z Challenge-2016 in the last minute, almost towards the end of the list! Being a newbie on WordPress, I wasn’t sure if I could pull this off. But wanted to give it a shot in the process of learning.

4 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge- A for Amateur

  1. Well done you for signing up to the challenge. I saw the word newbie and thought hey that’s me too…except I’ve not yet braved the world of challenges. Mostly because I’ve not figured them out yet in terms of badges and whether you just post or link it to the original actual challenge post πŸ€”

    Look forward to the rest now 😁

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    1. Ya I was one of those last minute entrants. I’m still not sure if I can pull this off, as I’ve never posted regularly. Will try my best to do. It’s a test of my perseverance to write when life comes in between. Let’s see how it goes. I’m nervous as well as excited πŸ˜€
      You can sign up too if interested, 2 more days before the sign up list closes! On the Atoz Challenge website there are clear steps on how to add their badge on WordPress. And for the post, you just need to post it on your blog with #AtoZChallenge as a tag. If interested you can submit a link on their Facebook page where they have a post for each day/alphabet. Let me know if you have any questions! πŸ™‚


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