Why I envy the old-fashioned

My parents have been using different smart phones lately. Years ago, they started off with a classic Nokia phone and then switched to the express music ones. Now, they use the so called ‘smart phone’. The transition has not been a cake walk but they appreciated the progress they noticed in terms of technology. But now, my dad is a pro at using it. He finds it wonderful and amazing. He enjoys texting with those cute emoticons on WhatsApp and watching YouTube videos at ease. I find it funny when he sends ‘forward messages’ though I have received similar ones years ago! My mom likes the fact that she is just a click away from ‘seeing’ her kids whenever she wants to. Though they realize that their children are not literally present with them, they are filled with wonder on how technology has diluted their feeling of emptiness.

My youngest cousin on the other hand effortlessly handles smart phones at the age of 6. A moment of wonder struck my dad when he encountered the little cousin messing around with all kinds of games and apps on his new smart phone. When my parents were introduced to the iPhone, they asked intriguingly “Where’s the back button?” And when my uncle started using his windows smart phone, he was not sure if it had a ‘Home’ screen. But the little kid is very well aware of all the phones with different operating systems. She knows where to find the gallery in a windows phone, how to download games in an android one and why there is no back button in an iPhone. The former generation find this ‘talent’ of Generation Y and Z amazing and alluring.

Though they complain about the effects of current lifestyle, they still are amazed in a number of ways. I ‘envy’ this amusement of theirs. I ‘envy’ the way they are filled with wonder about everything they see now. Why? Because I’m pretty sure I would not go ‘wow’ in the future for everything I come across. I don’t consider my little cousin’s act of handling different smart phones an achievement. In fact I feel pity, that the Gen Z are going to ruin their lives much earlier than I did! Sad thing that they cannot play ‘real’ games everyday like I used to and also watch cartoons that actually made sense.

We are at a point where drastic technological advancements have been achieved. All we see is a ‘jellybean’ becoming a ‘kitkat’ or 4s promoting to 5s.  But the older generations did undergo and experience a lot of development in various fields. Cellular phone was a revolution. Imagine what a smart phone now would mean to them! They had hope for the future.They envisioned their children leading better lives than theirs. I ‘envy’  the ‘hope’ they had. I cannot visualize a better future for next generations. I can only see the deteriorating effects of getting used to technology happening much sooner. All I can think about is, a worsened lifestyle and an ascending dependency on technology.

I ‘envy’ my parents when they can still make calculations in their head, while I reach out for the calculator on my ‘smart’ phone in spite of being an engineer. I ‘envy’ my dad, when he looks around and buys a book he is interested in, while I google for a ‘pdf’ version. I ‘envy’ the fact that healthy lifestyle and cooking came naturally to them, unlike me who needs to watch YouTube and browse the internet for the same.

I ‘envy’ the old-fashioned way of parents teaching children to write with pen on paper, rather than typing on an iPad. I ‘envy’ the way they looked up to technology, because now I blame it for my problems.

I’m not looking forward to experience virtual reality in order to ‘feel’ my children in the future. Because it ain’t cool to me anymore!


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17 thoughts on “Why I envy the old-fashioned

  1. Very good indeed and in tune with my logic thoughts too. Reflecting back in the way about the old times, which are positively ancient history according to my teens, really does show you have fast tech has moved on in a relatively short period of time.

    I’ve never tried one of those daily challenges either…wasn’t, being a newbie, even sure how to go about it…although wasn’t is past tense so replace with ‘am not’ which is slightly more present….I digress…

    I do hope you don’t mind me looking at your blog. I tracked it from trulyunplugged’s where you posted….although I think of her as truly mad….but don’t quote me just mention that Lewis Carroll chap called her mad and see how it falls.

    I followed you too…although now it sounds like I stalked you from another blog in order to do that… I hope that’s OK? Or am I missing some blog etiquette? If so apologies. 😊

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    1. Absolutely not! I’m so glad you no longer need to stalk from another blog. Thanks a lot for the follow! 😀
      Haha, I love trulyunplugged’s work! She’s amazing! 🙂 I’m not sure if I can tag her here in the comments,(I wish I knew/could) so that she could see for herself what you quoted😉. Thank you so much for the thoughtful comments on the post and I’m very glad you could relate to it. I’m a newbie myself and I find daily prompts a good way to start off. You should give it a shot! These challenges narrow down your thought process, when you aren’t really sure of what to write. It’s wonderful meeting you and I look forward to reading your take on daily challenges soon! 🙂

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      1. No problem at all wrt following…I’m quite liking the community spirit and meeting new people with similar thinks. Truly has commented on mine too…but how good an idea is that…the ability to tag someone in comments like this would be cool and possibly contribute to enhancing discussions.

        I might try this daily prompt thing. Mind you I’m not 100% sure how to go about it. I guess the prompt word is in the header when the challenge goes out. Writing something is ok but posting it and linking it to the challenge is in the eh? What? Who? box.

        Nice to meet you too 😁

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      2. I cannot agree more with you! I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into, when I started blogging. I mean in a good way though! I loved the community spirit, as you mentioned. The exchange of compliments, constructive feedback is something very encouraging. I feel so much nicer here on WordPress, which has a great, positive and welcoming vibe. Unlike other social networking spaces, Phew!

        Daily challenge can be a great place to read different takes/ perspectives on the same word/theme. I love reading other entries and feel amused by the like mindedness or the polar execution on the same theme. I’m sure you’ll find it rewarding. 🙂


  2. Amazing post. Love the cartoon thing that goes with it too 😀
    Oh those Nokia phones were so super sturdy …they were amazing, weren’t they! My parents are going through the transition themselves and it’s quite nice and funny to see it happen. However I have to admit that I don’t like connectivity too much (I do appreciate what it can do but I’m not necessarily its biggest fan!) and I bought my smart phone only 2 years back when the whole world was already familiar with it 😛

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    1. Oh yes, we are on the same page!! 😄 I’m sure you might be missing your nokia phone, now that you got smart phone😉 These things are more about giving rise to real distance rather than connectivity! I’m so glad that you enjoyed reading the post and also the drawing and felt connected. 🙃 Means a lot to me, thank you very much!!

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