Why suffer from the inevitable?

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional – Another famous saying taken for granted!

Physical pain can occur to any creature on the planet.
But fortunately or unfortunately humans are bestowed with emotions.
So, perks of being a human?- Voila! More forms of suffering!

Psychological influence plays a key role in any kind of pain. While physical suffering cannot be considered optional most of the times, there are various theories and medical cases that prove that a patient’s psychological state has either worsened or improved their condition.

But our inability to overlook emotional pain ruins us in the long run. The cause of emotional pain could be anything- Death of a loved one, failed career, a ruined relationship, or a longing heart.

This pain occurred because it was meant to happen. It is and will be inevitable. But what makes us the favored species, is the ability to modify our thought process.

Man has been successful in sustaining natural phenomena that were inevitable – changing seasons/ natural calamities.
But failed as a person to sustain his own emotional suffering when pain is inevitable.

When there is a choice, why choose to suffer?


Daily Prompt- Inevitable

13 thoughts on “Why suffer from the inevitable?

  1. Great thoughts here, insightful! πŸ™‚ In my opinion no matter what decisions and choices one makes on life, it’s seldom exclusive and almost always affects people around and that makes suffering less of a choice. You were right in saying that one can always modify the thought process and not dwell too much emotionally but really how many people can choose to remain unaffected by others misery caused by them? 😐

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    1. I cannot agree more with you! Suffering can be optional in cases where situations are out of hand. There is no point struggling with pain when there is nothing we can do. But when emotional pain is a result of causing misery to others, I think we need to try our best to amend the situation, in whatever way. If the situation persists even after our best trials, I would say time heals everything! πŸ™‚
      Thank you so much for reading and giving thoughtful comments! πŸ™‚

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  2. Yeah u have the choice.. Problem is a problem only when u look at it as a problem.. Psychological pain is again a state of mind and we human are gifted by nature the power to overcome ,then why not overcome ?? Wonderful post again

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